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Adds Seam Concealing Chains and Pendants to all NPC's throughout the wasteland. Dynamically distributes them through scripts, allowing for compatibility with anything.

Supports DLC and TTW without requiring them. Includes config file for toggling on and off playable necklaces, male and/or female distribution, and appearance chance

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This mod distributes necklaces and chains to hide neck seams on all NPCs, both male and female (configurable in the ini file. Necklaces are distributed to all actors in the game who need them. Actors with armor that conflicts with necklaces (as defined in the exception lists) are not given them.

This is an update and total rewrite Arkngt's TTW Distributed Necklaces and Chains to work with vanilla FNV, as well as DLC and TTW. This is the most up to date, definitive, version of the Distributed Neck Seam Concealer mod, first developed by Slammer64. The exception list is automatically filled with items from DLC and TTW, ensuring full compatibility without having any requirements.

All asset included in this mod are from several original/source mods (please see the permissions section).


  • Adds chains, necklaces, or pendants to every NPC in the game
  • Does not affect creatures or NPCs wearing armor which already covers the neck
  • Works immediately without delay. Actors get their necklaces before the player can see them
  • Ability to pickup, wear, and sell necklaces (configurable in ini file, defaults to off)
  • Certain necklaces are rarer than others, and have a lower chance of appearing
  • Will work with any new NPCs in any quest or world space mod
  • Necklaces added to some Vendors if they are marked as playable

Requirements & Compatibility

  • Requires version 6.2.8 (or higher) of xNVSE
  • Requires version 56.65 (or higher) of JIP LN NVSE
  • Requires version 4.80 (or higher) of JohnnyGuitar NVSE
  • Automatically loads all DLC and TTW armors into appropriate exception lists, but does not require TTW or any DLC
  • ySI - Sorting Ycons is supported. All necklaces in this mod will use the necklace icon