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Adds the mason jar mine from Fallout 3 concept art to the game, in 3 mine types: Timer, Proximity, and Detonator. Model was built with a combination of existing meshes, just like the concept art depicted.

Permissions and credits
[IMPORTANT - READ]: This mod is now decrepit - please use the updated version found here.


Wow - I never expected this mod to be popular enough to make it to the hot files! This is my first Fallout: New Vegas mod after all! Thanks to everyone who supported me, and special thanks to Jokerine, for the havok mesh, her merchant addon mod, and some custom icons (I will include these later in one way or another), PickleJar, for advice on how to make different mine types, and weijiesen for creating a custom explosion effect and graphic (will be included soon!).

If you were using any version of this mod under v1.1, you MUST update! I accidentally screwed up the recipe for the Mason Jar Mine in those earlier versions and as a result you didn't get a mine when you attempted to craft it (I forgot to add the result of the recipe in the GECK haha).

Jokerine created a mod plugin with a custom merchant that sells the new mason jar mines and all the components needed to craft them. You can find her mod here: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56176/?

I noticed while reading the Fallout Wikia that there was concept art made for an improvised Mason jar Mine. However, the idea never made it past the concept art stage. I was a bit surprised that no one had made a mod for this yet, so I decided to try my hand at making one.

I used existing meshes and textures to make the model and tried to keep it as close to the look of the Fallout 3 concept art as possible (with some artistic licence taken on my part).

Change Log:
-Initial Release

-Updated mine to act like a time bomb (15 second timer) rather than a proximity mine. Thanks to PickleJar for telling me how to do this!

-Fixed a mistake on my part that made the mines impossible to craft
-Added a recipe for nails as per request
-Added a custom PipBoy image. See the images section for a preview!
-Fixed the collision of both the new meshes. Thanks to Jokerine for rigging the havok mesh for me!
-Removed the "Craft" prefix from the Mason Jar and Mason Jar Mine, as it was unnecessary (i.e. "Craft Mason Jar Mine" became "Mason Jar Mine" at the crafting table)

-Added 2 new mine types - Proximity and Detonator with a new mesh (cigarette removed, sensor module added). Proximity functions the same as a frag mine, detonator works like c44 and requires you to set it off with a detonator
-Removed my custom nail recipe, and edited the one added by Lonesome Road. Now made at the reloading bench, but removed the vanilla Gun skill requirement (seemed silly for crafting an explosive)
-Renamed the original "Mason Jar Mine" to "Mason Jar Mine - Timer" to avoid confusion

-Fixed a bug that gave you the timer version when using the proximity recipe.
-Removed the Explosives skill requirement on the remote version left on by mistake.
-Aligned that stats of both the remote and proximity versions to match the timer version.
-Fixed a bug that both the remote and proximity versions were acting like timers.
-Fixed a bug that both the remote and proximity were using the bottlecap Pipboy "glow" icon

How to Make:
Since there was no "Mason Jar" in the game that you could find or collect, I implemented an improvised manor of crafting one:

-You need to melt down glass bottles at any campfire-style crafter. The list of bottles that can be melted includes:
*Empty Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottles
*Empty Nuka Cola Bottles
*Small Whiskey Bottles
*Large Whiskey Bottles
*Milk Bottles

-This will give you "Molten Glass". The ratio of bottles melted to Molten Glass are 3:1 for the smaller bottles (Milk Bottles and Small Whiskey Bottles), and 2:1 for all the rest (the larger bottles).

Still at the campfire-style crafter, you can combine the following to make 1 Mason Jar:
*1 Molten Glass
*1 Scrap Metal

Then, at any normal Crafting Table you can combine the following to make 1 Mason Jar Mine - Timer:
*1 Mason Jar
*1 Cigarette
*1 Leather Belt
*1 Long-Fuse Dynamite
*100 Nails (Ammo added in the Lonesome Roads DLC)

Or you can combine the following to make a Proximity Mine version (like the bottlecap mine):
*1 Mason Jar
*1 Sensor Module
*1 Leather Belt
*1 Long-Fuse Dynamite
*100 Nails (Ammo added in the Lonesome Roads DLC)

And you can also create a Mason Jar Mine - Remote that uses the Detonator weapon (like c4):
*1 Mason Jar Mine - Proximity
*1 Scrap Electronics

I edited the recipe for making Nails from Scrap Metal added by the Lonesome Road DLC - I changed the number of nails made from 5 to 15, and removed the level 50 Guns skill requirement (it seemed silly for a process used in crafting explosives):
*1 scrap metal = 15 nails

For the moment, the stats and effects on the Mason Jar Mine(s) for Timer and Proximity are the same as the Bottlecap Mine, and the Mason Jar Mine for Remote is has the same stats and effects as C4.

Known Issues:
-The place where you hold the mine has your hand clip through the jar's mesh. I have no idea what controls where the player holds something... If you know how this is done, let me know and I will attempt to fix this!

-The mine may clip a bit with your body when it's "sheathed". I don't think I can fix this without changing the player skeleton or the draw/sheath animation. If this is untrue, let me know how to fix this!

-There may be some slight texture-lighting errors with the nails inside the jar. When I made this, my ENB was on the fritz, so I would appreciate it if you guys would let me know if you notice things like lighting flickering or texture color changes with the nail pile inside the jar!

Q: Why did you use a leather belt to trap the dynamite to the mine instead of something like Duct Tape?
A: I am still just an intermediate 3D modeler, so I really wanted to use existing meshes. This would have required me to make new meshes. In addition, I absolutely SUCK at mapping and making textures, and didn't want to try it again right now (my last attempt was my Dwemer Mudcrab custom creature model for Skyrim, and while the texture wasn't terrible, it was worse to or about the same as vanilla quality... You can see for yourself under my posted files - just make sure to watch the video, as the picture collage was still using a vanilla texture and UV Map).

Q: Will you updating this mod with custom explosion textures, more mine types, etc.?
A: I will *probably* update this with some of these things as I learn how to do them. No promises though! :]

-Bethesda and Obsidian for Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3
-Nifskope for various mesh corrections
-Blender for my failed attempts at creating a collision mesh
-sesom over at the A Tale of Two Wastelands forums for help with the meshes and NifSkope
-PickleJar for telling me how to make it into a time bomb rather than a proximity mine
-Jokerine for creating the havok collision mesh for me. I really couldn't figure it out! :3