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A Badass Gauss Revolver with, custom Fx (projectile, muzzle flash and explosion), custom sound, custom ammo, mods ...
added in perk list and craftable at workbenches.

Permissions and credits
[size=14]V0.5 is out !
Lazors and Plasma Goodness !

The mod add a new version of the (Nesterman 's) RHINO to the game, the MNK-RHINO gauss revolver !
New to V0.5: Plasma and Laser revolver variant with mods and integration in level list !

Quick start:
instal with NMM
launch the game, go to Goodspring school and pick the weapon, mods and bullets (screenshot)
kill goodspring folks with sound up and enjoy :)

you can also add the item via console:

in third person hit ² then clic on yourself then type player.additem <code> 1
exemple: player.additem XX0013F8 100 will give you 100 bullet
XX is the load order of the mod read it in Nexus Mod Manager plugins tab

XX000DF9 for the gauss revolver
XX00731B for the plasma version
XX00731D for the laser version

XX0013F8 power gov't round (the one with the fancy effects)
XX0013FA unstable round

XX005B69 Scope (Gauss and Laser)
XX006023 Injector Barrel (Gauss)
XX006024 Red Dot (Gauss Laser and Plasma)
XX007B99 Ammo Saver Barrel (Laser and Plasma)

You can also spawn my debug box with the command placeatme XX007B9C everything is inside

Animation replacer for pistols http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/43240/ + NMM version
you need the core files + you HAVE TO choose one of the optionnal; this mod will fix all animations bugs

If you don't install animation replacer you will have the cylinder bug !
I will not answer people complaining about this bug anymore.

A total new look for the RHINO: almost all the textures as been redone:
most of the work is on _m maps and _g maps
you will see glow everywhere ! And what it's best than glow ? Pulsing glow !!!

The gun use custom ammo list that add new bullet with special effects:
PowerGov't: a powerfull single target shot of pure gauss fury !
Instable PowerGov't: an instable round that explode at impact like 25mm EMP grenade to dispose of robot and power armor

All those brand new bullets came with a new ingame ammo box:

The MNK-RHINO gauss revolver have a custom sound (merged from Weijiesen Gauss effect and Rhino sound effects)
All 3 versions of the gun have theirs own custom sounds !

EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements
best fx mod around, you must have it with laser and plasma version for moar glow goodness

the original rhino

Weapon Animation Replacers + FOMOD
Better animations and it fix many bugs for the Rhino, a must have.

Complete Vault Girl Interface
Cool mod for female characters, i've add an icon for female in optional download to match this mod <3

a new repair list that include .45-70 revolver and gauss rifle
new crafting options for the gun, mods and for the new bullets for high level character
Gun, Mods and ammo have been added to npc's level list and merchants around the mojave

the gun is an energy weapon and the custom ammo deal maybe too much damage ^^ I've try to balance it to be an alternative for the Gauss rifle / anti material rifle so it's for very late game and fun !

A free version is avaible in Goodspring School, you cant miss it
provided with a lot of glowing bullets and all the 3 mods.
You can also buy it at gun runners and other merchants remember that level list take 3 days so you cant buy it right away after installing the mod.

Craft table:

Gauss Revolver: Gauss Rifle + Hunting Revolver or ranger Sequoia + Fission Battery + Electronics Part
with Science at 75
Laser Revolver: Laser Pistol + 44 Revolver + Fission Battery + Electronics Part
with Science at 50
Plasma Revolver: Plasma Pistol + 44 Revolver + Fission Battery + Electronics Part
with Science at 50

PG: Case4570Gov't + Primer Large + 5xPowder Rifle + 3 Micro fusion Cell
with Science at 80
UN: Case4570Gov't + Primer Large + 10xPowder Rifle + 8 Micro fusion Cell
with Science at 90

Scope and Red Dot: Scrap Metal + Electronics Part
with Science at 60
Barrel Mods: Fission Battery + Electronics Part
with Science at 80

All the mod is stand alone and should not impact your game BUT if you have mod that change ammo list, the MNK-RHINO will not be considerate because it have its own ammo list (i realy dont know if this can be a problem)
for now only the free gun in goodspring school can conflict
If you want the same visual as in my screenshots you will need EVE and dynamo ENB

This is a work in progress AND my first mod so please be gentle, if there is any issue i will fix it
also i'm french so feel free to correct my words any time, and sorry for the bad english :p

Nesterman for the fabulous RHINO
weijiesen for the projectile and explosion fx
thx a lot guys !
joefoxx082 & Gopher for the weapons animations

also millenia for his texturing tutorial, i learn a lot for the _m maps with his videos

Please tell me if you like it, like the sound effect, the projectile/explosion and the texturing job. I will take request for alternative skin if i feel it could be cool !