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Adds a summonable/controllable robot similar to Titanfall.

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This mod adds summonable and controllable robots similar to the Titans from Titanfall.

When the game loads for the first time you will be presented with a menu that has three options. The first option will give you the perk right away, useful for those who want to cheat or are the max level already. The second option will just be the default setting, you will be able to select the perk at level 30. And the final option will let you retrieve the marker for yourself. A note with it's location will be added to your Pipboy when you select this option.

In order to get a titan, you must get the perk, "A Titan Among Men" from any of the options above. Within 5 seconds it will add a Titan Drop Marker, and a Titan Config to your inventory. The config can be used to change Titan type and rebind some of the keys that don't use default values. After a minute you you will get a Titan Marker Charge added to your inventory, which you can use to summon your Titan anywhere (except indoors). Be sure to stand clear of the drop point!

Once it has landed it will start patrolling its immediate area, and attacking anything hostile to the player. You can also hop inside of it and control it from there.

One minute after a Titan has died you will receive a notification stating that a new Titan has entered production. After 35 minutes you will then be able to summon a new titan.

Now time for the stats and controls!

Assault Titan:
Health: 65*Player Level up to 50 (1950 to 3250)
DT: 30

Weapon Stats:
-.308 LMG
--Damage: 40
--Rate of Fire: 12 per sec.
--Spread: 1
-Grenade launcher
--Damage: ~100
--Rate of Fire: 1 every 7 seconds
--Spread: .5

-Faster than the tank
-Can sprint

Tank Titan:
-Health: 80*Player Level up to 50 (2400 to 4000)
-DT: 45

Weapon Stats:
-50 Cal Machine Gun
--Damage: 55
--Rate of Fire: 10 per sec.
--Spread: 1
-Missile Launcher
--Damage: ~200
--Rate of Fire: 1 every 10 seconds
--Spread: 1

-Slower than the Assault
-Can't Sprint

Here are the controls:

In Titan:
W*: Move Forward
A*: Strafe Left
S*: Strafe Right
D*: Move Backwards
Q*: Fire Secondary
LMB*: Fire Weapon
Shift*: Sprint (Assault only)
Space*: Exit Titan
Backspace: Self Destruct
*Note these are the default keys and these will change based on what you have the appropriate key bounded to.

Out of Titan:
E: Enter the Titan (When within range and looking at it)
Numpad 8*: Switch Titan to follow mode
Numpad 4*: Repair Titan. Cost 1 Piece of scrap metal for 100 health
Numpad 2*: Switch Titan to guard mode
*These can now be rebounded!


Sprinting is a bit finicky, but there is not much I can do. Hold the Sprint key before and when you start moving.

The game will sometimes crash after exiting the Titan and opening the Pipboy. I have no idea what causes this, so I have no idea how to fix it.

If you use Enhanced Camera you will encounter some minor visual bugs that can't be fixed at the moment.

NPCs might glitch out when first detecting you when you're in the Titan. This is due to a workaround I had to preform where the NPCs would refuse to attack the Titan unless their AI was reset.

If you don't have a Pipboy replacer you will be able to see the Pipboy on the "Titan's" arms in first person. I would of had this removed via script, but the game crashes whenever player.equipitem pipboy is called in the gamemode block.

Attempting to go into third person while in the Titan will sometimes make your arms/weapon go invisible, just press shift/aim and it should reset.

Having the Kill Cam activate will glitch out the player. Not much I can do other than ask people to turn it off temporarily.

Some people are reporting that the Assault Titan will go flying in the air when you get into it. No idea what causes this either.


This mod requires NVSE .


Illyism - For his Rideable Creatures mod that the script in this mod is based on.

Metalfreak_42 for slightly improving the control scheme and partially implementing an aiming mechanism in his MF Rideable Prime mod

Dragbody for the Tank Titan's model and general support.

Quetzlsacatanango for the Assault Titan's model.

Cipscis for his menu making tutorial.

Respawn Entertainment for creating Titanfall and inspiring me to make a Titanfall-esque mod for Fallout.

Obsidian for creating F:NV


Russian version translated by magnumspec

French version translated by Sylom