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Disappointed by the Vanilla, unimpressive suite? You better give this a try!
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This is the new, third-party update of KospY's 'Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded Mod'. This mod incorporates a suite, with a panoramic view from the Lucky 38's tower. New features include a working VR Pod, Balcony and Radio System. You will neve

Permissions and credits
This mod is now being maintained by Azlla here: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/66087
Sadly I won't working on New Vegas mods anymore due to work comittments. Thank you to everyone who has supported this mod over the years, happy trails!

Please check out the FAQ under 'Forums' for answers to frequently asked questions.

-----==Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded==-----

Update 19/06/2016
Version 4.8 Update
- Companion Sandboxing is Fixed (Credit to Atalantachan for finding the problem and suggesting a fix)
- Sidenote: The DLC Plugin is still being worked on, but at a slow pace. Stay tuned.

Update 08/12/2015
Version 4.7 Update
-Mannequin gender can now be switched
-Lounge Bar Pumps can be used to fill Empty Nuka Cola Bottles
-The windows no-longer flicker due to roombounds.
-Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine now has a stock limit.
-Alfred's storage can be accessed via the terminal at the bottom of the stairs.
-Fixed Fireplace
-Fixed companion sandboxing bug
-Fixed floating furniture
-Performance and bug fixes.


Major overhaul of the Lucky 38 suite.
This suite takes one complete level of the Lucky 38 tower and it is now possible to see the sky from the windows all over the place.
Original Mod; Russian Translation (Not Nexus): http://falcon-lair.com/files/file/393-pererabotannyi-liuks-laki-38-lucky-38-suite-reloaded/

Items Sorter (2.00)
Featuring models from DantheGeek, the suite includes a broad-range item sorter.

Storage / Sorter :

- Weapons display
- Ammo storage shelves
- Ammo components Storage shelves
- Armors lockers
- Misc items container
- Food fridge
- Beverage fridge
- Bookshelves
- Armor Mannequins

Please note that corresponding storage areas have to be bought before use. You can find them in the upgrade store.


The suite features an armory to display the Courier's proud collection of weapons and ammunition.

The suite contains it's own infirmary, including:
- MK1 AutoDoc - From facial surgery to a simple haircuit.
- Med Storage Shelves
- Recovery Chamber - To completely heal your character of all the damage caused by the Mojave.

The laboratory is a large section of the suite, which can be customized and upgraded through the terminal system.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the suite is your personal robot servant, Alfred.
Programmed by KospY, who was inspired by an idea from Gnubee, Alfred will sort your items and serve you in the suite. As well as being able to find him by the door, several intercoms are placed around the suite, so he can come to you.

Performance Optimization (New 3.00)
By adjusting lighting and environmental variables and by removing old unnecessary scripts, I have been able to optimize the suite's performance in comparison to Version 2.

Aesthetically, the suite remains virtually identical to Version 2.00, however both lighting and ambient adjustments have been made to remove the 'creepy, annoying' ambiance from v2.00 and improve the overall feel of the suite.

The Lucky 38 Suite System
Each room in the suite can be upgraded and customized, using terminals in certain rooms. Since Version 2.00, I have made many changes to this system, with the following:
- New radio station controller
- New items
- A text adventure game has been added
- Jane and Marilyn can be summoned to the suite via telephone

The Lucky 38 teleport device rids the need of traversing through the strip and into the Lucky 38. However, one must obtain the schematics for this device, and have a science skill of 50 to use it at full power.

With the Teleport Device you can :

- Teleport yourself back to the suite.
- Set 3 custom locations

To use it :

- Activate it via the pipboy and close your pip boy revealing a menu.
- Activate it via a preset hotkey,

Please note that the teleporter device needs energy to be used.
For now, the best source of energy is fission battery, which is required before use.
The Teleport Device can be used 4 times before the fission battery runs out. You can recharge it in the fission battery charger near the teleporter (you have to buy it first).

Fission battery Charger

Using this, drained fission batteries can be replenished for use. Since version 2.00, I have optimized the code behind the system, making it far more reliable.

The suite now features a purchasable balcony, looking over the New Vegas Strip. This includes a fridge, grill, sunbeds and beverages! Companion friendly and compatible with NVR!

Water Purifier
You can now purify your water in the kitchen by boiling it. (Yes, I know boiling won't rid the deadly nuclear waste from your water) This is a very simple feature, please use your imagination. :)

Working Fireplace
You can now feel more at-home with a working fireplace!

Ice Cold Nuka Cola Fridge
Ice Cold Nuka Cola Fridges are purchasable through the Lucky 38 upgrade system. Put your Nuka Cola in and watch Ice Cold Nuka Cola come out.

Radio Station Controller
This allows you to flick between Mojave Music Radio and Radio New Vegas at a click of a button. (Possibility of introducing Wave Radio in the future)

Washing Machine
Thanks to the suite's washing machine, the courier is able to wash dirty clothes which they may have in their inventory. Keep it clean.

Magazine Bookshelf
Always hated that inability to display your collection of comics, magazines and books? No problem, the suite now incorporates a fully functional bookshelf in the master bedroom.

VR Pod
The highlight of Version 3's update is the creating of a working VR Pod. This can be purchased via the terminal for 1000 caps, and has three software programs that can be loaded:
- Stealth Simulator
- Close-Quarters Combat Simulator
- Shooting Range

The pod is still a prototype and is still experimental. If anyone has any bugs, or any ideas for it, please let me know via the comments or private message.

There is plenty more to discover...


-Fallout: New Vegas
-I advise you to install the latest patch for New Vegas, as this mod is based on it.


1. Extract the files from the archives.
2. Remove any old installations of "Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded"
3. Copy the files into the "Data" folder where the game is installed (Default : C:\Program Files (x86)Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\Data)
4. Start Fallout: New Vegas Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp/.esm file.


1. Start Fallout: New Vegas Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the file Lucky38Suite_Reloaded.esp(or .esm) and Lucky38Suite_Reloaded.bsa.


- Do not use anything that modifies the Lucky 38 suite's interior.
- Balconies on the Lucky 38 will definitely conflict
- Compatible with NVR
- Companion friendly
- Compatible with Run the Lucky 38

Lucky 38 Users no-longer require a compatibility patch!

Bugs/Know Issues
- Alfred occasionally steals your stuff, this is rare, but does occur. The items can be found by accessing his inventory(through whatever means possible).
- The text adventure might not work.
Please report any further bugs in the comments or via PM

4.1 02/07/2014 -   Performance optimisation, aesthetic improvements, new bathroom, ESM version.
4.00 02/07/2014 - Major Bugfixes, new features and stability improvements.
3.00 12/04/2014 - More features, bug fixes and a VR POD!
2.00 25/04/2011 - Lot of new things : Items sortings, Securitron servant, redone armory, performance optimization, i'm lazy to enumerate all.
1.11 13/03/2011 - Fix the "floating white shelf" near the staircase (latest patch addition)
1.10 06/03/2011 - Improve the pool, added blue light and better transparency. Add player bed style selection.
1.01 06/03/2011 - Fix the missing sound for the teleportation
1.00 05/03/2011 - Initial Release

Future Possibilities

- "Ready bag" system with Alfred
- See the land from the windows
- If you have any ideas, please feel free to keep me posted via commentary or PM.

Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for creating Fallout: New Vegas.

Many Thanks to Danthegeek, for letting me use some parts of his UHNV mod
Thanks to odin_ml for the Animated Light Switch model
Thanks to David Whitefang for the grand piano model and HugePinball for convert it to Fo3.
Thanks to Malo and Kalten1979 for the aquarium ressource
Thanks to Coneman for the working toilets models
Thanks to Hengebobs for the shower and bathtub model from STmoddersResources

Special thanks to KospY for letting me continue his mod!

Tools Used


You are not able to dispatch redistribute this mod without KospY's approval, but if you want to improve this suite, feel free to develop mods based on this one.

If you have any demands/questions, do not hesitate to PM me or KospY on the New Vegas Nexus or comment.