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Adds a German Mp40 submachine gun to the wasteland.
Featuring models and textures by Raynox3d - an animated folding stock - true open blowback action - unique sounds - and leveled list integration.

Permissions and credits

Just a simple one this time. Fixes the missing pipboy icons. If you already have the mod installed - you can simply overwrite the old MylittleModelof.bsa with the new one in the latest version. Thanks to ncrvet for pointing out my herp derp.

'Nother bugfix I'm afraid - hey, at least we're squashing them! This fixes the incorrectly named 3rd person animation path in the .BSA - thanks to kumokiri's detective work. Please re-download and re-install.

Up-Up-date: - The missing projectile has been fixed. Sorry for the ameateur mistake guys. Please re-download and re-install.
A new version (1.2) has been released. This removes the depenancy on both CaliberX and GunRunners Arsenal. Download and install this version even if you already have CaliberX and Gunrunners as it includes several fixes for issues in V1.1. Be sure to uncheck the old esp from your load order and delete both .bsa and .esp from your Data folder before installing V1.2.


This mod adds an Mp40 to the game. Model and textures belong to Raynox 3D
It comes complete with custom sounds, an animated folding stock, and tweaked fire and reload animations
to better represent the real world weapons open bolt operation. It has also been intergrated into the
levelled lists, allowing it to be found on NPC's - or bought from most vendors.

[i] Currently there are no modifications attachable to this weapon - but I am looking for feedback on what you guys would like available. I'm mostly decided on a suppressor of some sort, and perhaps some black bakerlite
furniture for those who prefer it, but let me know in the comments section what you'd be interested to see. This might also be an option:

[size=15]~Required Mods~[/size]

If anyone needs/wants a version without these masters, let me know and I'll see about making it happen.


This mod replaces fire, reload, equip and unequip animations. As such it may overwrite any custom versions of these files that you have installed.
I have used a set of animations that arn't utilized in the base game to minimze conflict. But if you use a weapon animations replacer, you should back up your Data/Meshes/characters folder before installing this mod.

WAR or Weapon Animation Replacers should work flawlessly - as it does for me, please get in touch with me if you have any issues.

Otherwise should be no conflicts with any other mods. Let me know if you find any.

[size=15]~Known Issues~[/size]

- The animated stock may on occasion vanish. Usually this is as a result of editing the esp. Simply drop and pick up the weapon again to fix. If this dosn't fix it, or this issue happens frequently, get in touch with me please. You or I have done goofed.
- The bolt will sometimes vanish after trying to clear a jam, still unsure as to what causes this - future version may fix it.
- The 3rd person grip animations don't really line up with the weapon - I may someday find a way to fix this, but for now my choices were - have the hand grip vertically - but in the wrong place - or horizontally through the weapon. I went with the former.


Copy/extract the archive into your Data folder and check off the esp in your load order.
Or use the mod manager of your choice.


Uncheck the esp and delete the contents of the archive from your Data folder.


Model/Textures: Raynox3D - enviroment map by 11meister
Animations: 11meister
Sounds: The Free Firearm Sound Library - remastered by 11meister
Icons: 11meister
GECK and Scripting: The ponies that live in my head.