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---Fans of the AWOP mod---

Bonnie Springs contains the Police Baton M, Straight Razor M and 9 total interiors with a large Viper population. (see description for more details).

Permissions and credits
Fans of the AWOP mod

This mod contains the Police Baton M and the Straight Razor M

[size=26]Version 3.5[/size]

-Improved navmesh (exterior)
-Improved navmesh (interiors)
-Police station interior changes
-Viper leaders home interior changes
-Saloon interior changes
-Workshop interior changes
-Custom Viper NPC's
-Viper gang turrets
-Weapons and armor with lower health to make it more game friendly
-Many more additions and changes that improve the mod

[size=26]Version 3.5 Optional[/size]

I updated this part of the mod because some people prefer no turrets.

[size=26]Mod Details[/size]

Bonnie Springs is now completely accessible, with 6 more buildings added (9 interiors total) a Viper population around 25 that inhabit the outside and inside of most buildings.

-Police station with rooftop access
-Working water tower
-2 sinking homes (both accessible)
-Gas station
-Viper barracks
-Deserted diner
-Viper leader home
-Plant life (alive and dead)
-No skill books

Hopefully the images I have uploaded will give you a good idea how much has changed, some loot is well hidden so be sure to look around.


Bonnie Springs has always needed an upgrade, hopefully Ive added a good balance and turned what was once a pointless deserted town into a viper stronghold.


Just one simple file to download, unzip and place the esp file into the Fallout New Vegas data folder. Do not forget to check the bonniesprings.esp in your Mod Manager.

[size=26]Additional Info[/size]

One of the buildings is not accessible as I could not find a suitable interior, If you have any suggestions please leave me a post.

Thank you to djmystro for making awop.
(The best mod for fallout New Vegas imo and the reason i decided to make this mod.)

If you enjoyed this mod try out my previous mod.
it has over 800 downloads and has the same attention to detail i used in this mod.

Check out the youtube review of my mod by Arcadablepr0ductions.
Don't forget to subscribe to his channel for future and past mod reviews.

Thanks to Seddon4494 for his geck tutorials on youtube.
If you are thinking about making a mod I suggest checking out his tutorials.