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Adds a Western Juniper to Goodsprings.

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Tree is love. Tree is life.

If you are experiencing issues with the Tree, it is because it has deemed you not worthy.


News: Voted third place in Mod of the Month November 2013! Thanks for your support!


Adds a Western Juniper (juniperus occidentalis) to Goodsprings.

* Lore-friendly.
* No DLC required.
* Compatible with all known mods.
* Guaranteed 100% stable.
* Hours of additional gameplay.
* Increases aesthetic appeal of surrounding area.
* Leaves fantastic first impression of Goodsprings.
* Creates shade, vital for protecting against skin cancer.
* Improves Goodsprings tourism and economic growth.
* Recycles carbon dioxide into breathable air, essential for life.
* Provides home for local birds.
* Perfect cover from attacking Powder Gangers and Raiders.
* Represents a living, breathing piece of American history.
* ... and much more!

The first expansion pack for 'A Tree' is now available - 'A Shotgun'. It adds a sawn-off shotgun and some ammunition next to the tree, owned by Easy Pete. The player is presented with a question - who am I? Do I take the shotgun and ammunition from Pete? Or do I leave it? I may need it more than he - I am, after all, about to trek out to Primm. The wastes are a dangerous place and the extra firepower could be handy. But what does that mean for me? Is this who I want to become?

'A Shotgun' Features
* Introduces the player to the moral challenges common in the wastes.
* Adds an artistic flourish to the otherwise boring and forgetful Goodsprings.
* Enhances the appreciation and nostalgic enjoyment of the original 'A Tree' mod.


Praise for A Tree

"Thank you very much AndyDocHoliday for this incredible mod, really immersive. My Fallout NV experience will never be the same. This mod is essential for me now, Bethesda should hire you for sure. Thanks a lot once again, and keep up the good work) I hope we will see more masterpieces from you in future." - reomarsianin

"This mod cured my herpes. Endorsed!" - angelenesdreams

"I found this mod to be the answer of my Fallout prayers. The last connection between the game's sub conscious and the contrasting thoughts it had to offer. Many moral choices had crept into my mind as I'd began to think, "What does this tree truly represent?". What this marvelous creation had truly done was shine a bright beacon among the highest echelons that the game offered and purified it, making and creating a beautiful and intense masterpiece. You, my good sir, are a genius." - 59Someone

"I can honestly say that the A Tree mod has given playing through Good Springs a whole new feel. It was almost like I was playing a different game." - RoseJaestyre

"I've seen other tree mods, but none of them compare to this tree. This tree has been a great friend to me, helping me make tough decisions when I really needed a second opinion. Its also saved my ass many a time being a very useful shield as I fought off the powder gangers, most other trees would run away or fall over with shock, but not this tree.This mod isn't just any old tree, it's a lifetime companion. People must see this inspirational piece of art, so vote it file of the month and spread the joy I found in this little piece of America!" - 0JimmytheHun0

"This mod has everything you could want, a challenging narrative story arch, the most interesting character of all time, and millions of ontological questions, such as Who am I? What is the purpose of my life and this tree? Truly an admirable work of art, such a narrative masterpiece." - AlvarazCMSB

"This had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Brilliant." - DylanHollis

"I can't think to play FNV without this mod. it's semplicity is what it makes it complex, i can stand hours wathing it asking myself the meanign of life and death.. Is the tree a staray to heaven? or a highway to hell... Time will tell... But right now, this mod is the best mod ever done . Amazing. endorsed." - amoveve

"The very presence of this mod is, in itself, an artistic statement of almost unparalleled caliber. BRAV. O." - ImperfectWeapons

"I love it. The mod shows the player how much time and effort the creator went in to creating this beautiful mod, it's amazing that this is not a standalone. Endoresed, 10/10." - Redwrwf


NMM: Hit 'Download With Manager'. After the mod has finished downloading, double click it in the NMM to activate.

Manual: Hit 'Download Manually'. After the mod has finished downloading, find it in your downloads directory and extract it into your 'Fallout New VegasData' folder.

NMM: Double-click the mod in NMM and it will automatically remove it for you.

Manual: Navigate to your 'Fallout New VegasData' folder. Find 'ATree.esp', and delete it.

Changelog for 'A Tree'
v1.0 (Release)
Added the tree.

Changelog for 'A Shotgun'
v1.0 (Release)
Added the shotgun and ammunition owned by Easy Pete.