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Explorer Perk now gives +5% Movement Speed and +4DT, with the option of disabling the free map markers for unexplored locations.

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Requested by jvanderr

Changes the Explorer perk to increase movement speed by 5% and add +4DT, regardless of armor worn (or not worn!). There are two versions to choose from depending on whether or not you want the perk to unlock unexplored locations as normal. This mod is mostly intended for veteran players who have trouble finding high-level perks to choose, and already know their way around the Wasteland fairly well.

This mod has no DLC or mod dependencies.

This mod is not compatible with other mods that change the Explorer Perk, unless they only change the quest that unlocks locations without touching the perk entry. Loading this mod after other mods that affect Explorer will allow its changes to be applied instead.


Download and install through NMM


Download and unpack the .rar to your ...New Vegas/Data folder, and make sure Explorer Perk Revised - (Locations or No Locations).esp is checked on your load-order managing program of your choice

Credits and Permissions

.esp files made by Dudeman325
Requested by jvanderr

You do not have the right to distribute these files, or edit them with the intent of redistribution without my permission.

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