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The second in the Factions Reloaded Series. This mod adds lots of new factions, bases, hideouts, camps, sewers, underground areas, fights, ambushes, events, and more. It adds hundreds of NPCs to the Mojave, and hundreds more underground and in interiors. Screenshots and videos of this mod are needed!

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==What does this mod add?==
In a nutshell, this mod adds a LOT of content including factions, battles, events, hundreds of NPCs, lots of new bosses, interiors and more. 

The main idea for this mod is to show that the Mojave isn't a safe place to be. Fallout 3 had some intense raider camps scattered all over the map. It seemed that no matter where you went, Raiders or Super Mutants were there with you. I miss that, and this mod will fix that while staying lore friendly and not quite bringing the raider count to the crazy Fallout 3 levels.

==New locations==
-Adds some actual camps for fiends, raiders, jaguars (new gang), etc. around the Mojave. Some of the raider camps will be under siege by NCR or Legion depending on their location. The raiders are supposed to be ruthless (and everywhere) so you can expect warzone type areas with different factions battling it out with raiders for control.
-Raider Motel, Near Camp Mccarran
-Each Fiend Leader that I added (listed below) has some sort of a camp/base. Most are added inside old empty interiors or vanilla locations, but I did design some myself.
-Added lots of interiors to the boarded up buildings and filled them with fiends, junkies, members of the Jaguar Gang, etc.
-Secret Jaguar Sewer that can be reached in two locations, both somewhat near Novac. Main entrance is above Helios One, with the other in Clark Field.
-Adds a Jaguar Gang Officer's Club/Safehouse which is located in a Jaguar Gang Safehouse near Bitter Springs.
-Expanded some of the Jackal and Viper locations to make them a bit harder to take over, but I left the low-level areas alone.
-Spring Mountain National Park has undergone a lot of huge changes, including two new gangs fighting it out and a couple new interiors.
-Great Khan Drug Dropoff Area. It seems as though a drug deal has gone bad. Help the great khans defend against the fiends!
-California Sunset Drive-In has been inhabited by a few Jaguar recruits. I understand it's a low level so I kept everything in this area a lot easier than the others.

Side note: Most locations have map markers, but some are unmarked.

==New events==
-The entire outer Westside area (NOT INSIDE WESTSIDE) is completely being overrun by fiends. I wanted it to feel like the Fiends are a huge threat in the area, not how the vanilla game is with like 5 fiends attacking the entire outside of Westside which has a LOT of guards. If you don't help them, the westside militia will lose so I'd definitely consider doing so.
-Low level jackals may be at war with powder gangers and NCR near primm and other areas near it, as the only raider-type outpost for a long ways is the Police Station and I don't want to go away from the lore.
-The highway near Camp Mccarran is under attack by Fiends. There are heavy troopers and lots of NCR troopers there, but they're being overrun and its up to you to help!
-Vipers will be more prominent in the Novac/Ranger Station Charlie area. They have a camp and they have the manpower, so it seems like there would at least be some vipers raiding nearby areas. They won't be major and they won't be quest-threatening though, probably just some merc-vs-raider battles.
-I want to show that the NCR can't protect their roads very well like how everyone says. Raiders will have a few ambush spots near trader routes which probably won't mess with them too much (especially with my Stronger Traveling Merchants mod) but will show why wastelanders are scared to leave towns and areas like that.
-NCR Sharecropper farm entrance contains a small skirmish between some troopers and fiends. Down the road near Ripper & Sledge's office there is also a group of fiends raiding a merchant caravan.
-Added a few minor assaults on the powder ganger camps by the jaguar gang. They're really small skirmishes.

==New stuff==
-Expanded the scorpion gang just a little bit. Their leaders are stronger, and there are a couple extra members.

-Added a couple of jackal/viper bosses, as they didn't have any leadership whatsoever.

-Added lots of fiends and a few extra NCR to sewer tunnels near New Vegas, and some extra fiends guarding the outsides of their controlled sewers.

-Filled lots of empty buildings with squatters, raiders, etc. and opened LOTS of boarded up buildings in the New Vegas area.

-Added the jaguar gang around the mojave. They are in their own faction, and are at war with all factions including other raider factions.
They may be seen fighting other gangs or NCR/Legion for dominance. They are similar to the Vipers and Jackals, but are more spread out and more powerful. Their background is that the members came from mercs and recruited fiends, raiders, jackals, vipers, etc. and trained them. Now instead of just being completely mindless, they set up raids, ambushes, and plan out their battles. They also scavenge for pre-war tech and take armor from wastelanders, so they may be seen with a range of weapons and armor.

V1: First version
V1.1: Added more to the scorpions gang, adds more battles, adds a caravan that gets attacked by fiends, and makes Isaac from gun runners tougher. Also gives him a guard, as I added a few fiends around there and I don't want him to die. Also adds random loot to higher ranking members of the jaguar gang.
V1.2: Fixed armor condition on Jaguar members
-Jaguar Gang Sewer entrance near prospector camp moved to Clark Field. There is a bit of radiation but there is a dead jaguar member at the entrance with some loot.
-Jaguar House renamed to Jaguar Gang Safehouse. Enemies moved away from front entrance a bit. Entrance to Officer's club is no longer in a bathroom (lol). 
-Added some desperately needed decoration and loot outside of the Jaguar Safehouse.
-Sledge & Ripper no longer have 100% armor condition.
-Sledge & Ripper Office is still packed with fiends and will still be a cluster, but I removed the fiends in the front room so it won't be AS impossible to move around. 
-New door on the left of the office blocks Ripper from seeing the player immediately. More useful if player enters building in sneak mode. 
-Fixed Sledge & Ripper's Map Marker that spawned you inside a building. Now works correctly.
-Reduced armor condition on most Jaguar units
-Removed recon armor from Jaguar Gang Member leveled list
-At the request of many users, Jaguar Commanders no longer wear power armor. This will lead to less variety in unit type, but it was heavily requested and admittedly lore-breaking. I will not be limiting their weapon list.
-Added more variety to Jaguar tier 1 armors.
-Lowered tier of many Jaguar members outside the Sewer tunnels near Novac, added some decoration to make sewer entrance somewhat less jarring.
-Added a bit of loot to the Jaguar sewers, this may be an ongoing process in possible future updates.
-Buffed Crandon from Westside so he now has much more health and gave him a couple stimpaks. He will die from fiends far less often now.
-Moved raiders away from door in Raider Motel.
-Fixes Vault 3 crashes. Removed rubble and manhole cover that were causing some CTD issues, and also reduces the number of fiends in the area slightly as it was overkill (it likely still is, but with 6 less fiends) and caused people on lower end PCs to crash or lag. 
-Removes hostile powder gangers around Jean's skydiving. I'm not really sure what happened here as I just added a couple of normal Powder Gangers to the area, but for whatever reason one of them would consistently become hostile to the player whenever they were engaged in combat - even if they were just shooting a nearby bloatfly. 

==Short descriptions of each new fiend leader==

Scrap - wears some sort of armor that implies he has killed his fair share of enemies. He has a trooper helmet which implies that he got if from an NCR trooper.
He also has a machete gladius, implying he has killed legionaries as well. Scrap is ruthless, and never gives up on a kill so if you're around level 10 or so I'd suggest having a backup plan.
Recommended level for taking him down: 10 - 15
Location: In a ruined building near violet's camp

Ripper - Named the ripper not primarily because of the weapon, but because of what he does to his enemies. It's said that his first victim was his own father, whom he strangled with his bare hands at the age of 4. He has combat armor and a helmet to match, and never backs down. His weapon of choice is a chainsaw, but always has a backup ripper.
Recommended level for taking him down: 50 (If you don't have the DLCs or mods to expand your level cap, caution is advised. Bring followers. The Ripper is VERY heavily guarded and has basically a fortress defending him.
Location: Ripper & Sledge's Office (Near NCR Sharecropper Farms)

Sledge - Similar to Ripper, but uses a Super Sledge with a backup Sledgehammer. He will be found next to ripper.

Liam - There's not much special about Liam, except the fact that he can take down a deathclaw with his bare hands. Liam's weapon of choice is the power fist, and he loves taking his enemies down with it. His favorite past-time is torturing his victims with nothing but his hands. Liam is a dangerous man, and one should know he is a serious threat.
Recommended level for taking him down: 20 - 25. If you're a higher level it will still be quite intense, but Liam's guards aren't very heavily armed and are mostly just regular junkies.
Location - Raider Steel Mill

Genghis Khan - Genghis Khan is a fiend who's name is pretty ironic, as his favorite thing to do is kill great khans. He is disgusted at the idea of working with them, and feels that they get Fiends stuck on the junk just to make an easy cap, and then use that addiction to make the fiends more and more crazy. It's also slightly ironic that he and his guards wear Great Khan armor, but I guess it's because he wants to show off how many of them he's killed. It probably has nothing to do with him failing the initiation many times over and finally giving up.
Recommended level for taking him down: 30 - 40, he is VERY tough and the only reason it's not a level 50 recommended level is because there are Great Khan Assasins helping and you can pick off a lot of his guards from afar.
Location: Quarry somewhat near Motor Runner, where First Recon sets up on that one quest. If you're having serious problems taking him down I'd suggest finishing their other quests because they might lose and getting them to help you with the battle. This way First Recon actually has an epic battle instead of the wimpy "kill 3 or 4 fiends" from before.

Jaguar Gang:
Added tier weapons, armor and units so that there are different levels in the Jaguar gang such as Jaguar Gang Recruits might have merc armor or leather armor with a .357 magnum or a 10mm pistol, while the Commanders may have combat armor or reinforced metal armor with marksman carbines or hunting shotguns. There is a lot more variety than that, but those are just examples.
An example of a tier 1 weapon is a 10mm pistol or a single shotgun
An example of a tier 2 weapon is a 10mm submachinegun or a cowboy repeater
An example of a tier 3 weapon is a lever action shotgun or a trail carbine
An example of a tier 4 weapon is a gatling laser or a light machine gun

Jaguar Recruit:
50 - 80 HP
1 - 8 DT
Tier 1 ranged weapons
Usually has low level armor and weapons, Jaguar Recruits use strength in numbers.

Jaguar Gang Member:
80 - 110 HP
5 - 15 DT
Tier 2 ranged weapons
A step up from recruits, Jaguar Gang Members have better armor and weapons than recruits, but are still numerous and pretty weak

Jaguar Elite:
~200 HP
10 - 20 DT
Tier 3 ranged weapons
The next step up in the normal ranks of the Jaguar Gang, Jaguar Elites earn their position after their 20th kill. They are strong and have somewhat high-level armor.

Jaguar Commander:
300 ~ 400 HP
18 ~ 30 DT
Tier 4 ranged weapons
Usually in Reinforced Metal Armor or Reinforced Combat Armor Mk II, the Jaguar commander is pretty much the highest rank that a member can achieve. These members are insanely powerful and use VERY high level armor/weapons. Engage with caution.

Jaguar Bezerker:
200 ~ 220 HP
1 - 8 DT
Tier 3 melee weapons
Some of the most baddass Jaguars in the wasteland, the Bezerkers have lots of health and run with combat armor with a coat of black paint. They also use facemasks and have identical mohawks to signify their position as a bezerker. They're somewhat of a support unit, as they can take a lot of hits and draw fire before going down.

Jaguar Bone Crusher:
110 - 150 HP
10 - 15 DT
Strong Unarmed Weapons
The Jaguar Bone Crusher is an unarmed specialist who has earned the rank of Bone Crusher through the initiation of beating a man of his kill count or larger in hand to hand combat. This ensures that the Bone Crushers are continually getting stronger. The loser of the fight is taken down to the rank of a Jaguar Gang Member and is no longer considered a "great warrior".

Jaguar Striker
150-225 HP
Tier 2 Weapons
Usually wearing slightly more armor than other Jaguar members, the Jaguar Striker is a bit smarter and more strategic. They're similar to the Decanus in Caesar's Legion. They are something of a lieutennant and can be seen leading Jaguar members into battle.

The jaguar gang has lots of camps and is pretty strong, but just in case I made sure to make most of their camps underground or in areas that don't have much there. I run this mod with A World of Pain and lots of other location mods, and this one doesn't conflict much.
Please let me know what you think, and enjoy! :)