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Makes grass and bushes swing more and enables vertex lightning on grass.

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Enhanced Grass

1. Description:

This simple mod makes grass and bushes swing more, because I think that at default it's a little too static.
Also, through GECK I enabled a so called, vertex lightning which makes grass recieve directional light from sun, I think...So, it will make grass a little brighter, depending on the location of the sun.

Check the comparation screenshots and a short video in which grass have vertex lightning turned on (sorry for the choppy video, my laptop is a little weak).
Note that I have LowRes Grass mod on, so if you have some hi res grass mod, then it will look much better.

There are two main* files:

- EnhancedGrass.esp - Both swinging and lightning

- EnhancedGrass_NoVL.esp - Only swinging

*These requires Honest Hearts and Old World Blues DLCs.

Two optional:

- EnhancedGrassBase.esp - No DLCs required

- EnhancedGrassBase_NoVL.esp - No DLCs required, no vertex lightning

So you can choose which suits you the best.

2. Compatibility:

It IS compatible with every mod that changes grass and bush texture, so mods like LowRes Grass or Vurt's Wasteland Flora Overhaul will work just fine.

It's NOT compatible with any mod that changes grass density by using .esp file (you can do that manually via .ini files, anyway or use New Vegas Configurator. You can find it on Nexus) or mods that makes grass taller or shorter.

3. Installation:

Simply choose which esp you want and copy it to the New Vegas "Data" folder and enable it in game launcher or use Nexus Mod Manager or Fallout Mod Manager for installation.

4. Uninstallation

Simply delete esp your esp or use NMM or FOMM for uninstallation.

5. Problems

- Some grass was left unchanged even tho I changed every grass in GECK. If anyone know anything more, please leave a comment. It will be gratly appreciated.

- Some bushes simply doesn't have any animations tied to them so there's nothing I can do about it. They will remain static.

Have fun and if you like it, endorse it. :)