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If you encounter any issues or bugs, please, do not hesitate to post in the "comments" section of the "Cyberian Dawn" file!

Please do not re-upoload this mod on any other site, and please do not use any resources from this mod without the mod author's express permission! (Chances are that if you ask I won't mind. :) )

If you are using Gopher's "Cyborg - Thermal and Nightvision Implants" mod, remember to install the "IDOES CD Patch"! Make sure that it is loaded after both "CyberianDawn.esp" and "IDreamOfElectricSheep.esp", otherwise it won't work!



- Open FOMM

- click on "Package Manager"

- click on "Add FOMOD"

- Find "Cyberian Dawn.zip" (Yours may be called something slightly different. Just make sure it says "Cyberian Dawn.)

- Click "Open"

- Double click on "Cyberian Dawn" (You can skip this step if the box next to it is already ticked.)

If you have other HUD modifying mods you will also need to download "Unified HUD".

For NMM:

- Click "Download with manager" on the mod page.

- Wait for the mod to download.

- Double click on the mod whilst it is in the "mods" section. (You can skip this step if it is already in the "Plugins" section.(I'll be really surprised, so surprised that I wouldn't believe you if you told me, if it is though :P))

Some clarification on hacking:

To initiate a hack, hold down the hacking hotkey, default "H", until a message box pops up. From there select the robot you wish to hack. The rest you ought to be familliar with. :)

To update the mod:


-Deactivate your FOMOD, double-click on it in the "Package Manager".

-Delete the FOMOD, right-click on it and select "Delete".

-Download the latest version from the mod page.

-Install that version.

For NMM:

-Download the latest version, when prompted to update, click "yes".