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This is a mod that allows you to hack into any robot and force them to do a number of actions, or you can even possess them, for even more control!

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What this mod does:
This mod allows you to hack into any robot, through the use of a perk, "B.I.F.R.O.S.T", the perk itself requires 100 in the science skill to acquire. Once you have the perk you will notice that robots will have a particle effect, red if you've not hacked them, green if you have. You will also be able to use the hacking hotkey (defaulted to "H", just hold it down until the menu appears, although this can be changed, either with MCM, or if you don't have that, an armour item.) to call up a message that will show you which robots are close enough for you to hack into.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "That seems pretty pointless. Just disabling the robot's IFF's no fun and neither is just turning it off entirely!" Well, fear not my dear peruser for those are not the options afforded to you here! Upon hacking into a robot you can:

- Overload it (Yep, you can just blow these things up if you want.)
- Disable its IFF (Okay, so not all the options are different.)
- Change its IFF so that it helps you in combat.
- Piggyback onto its signal.

What does piggybacking entail? I'm glad I asked! Piggybacking onto the robot allows you to see what the robot sees and move around with it. But wait, there's more! If you tap the hacking hotkey again, you can take full control of the robot! You can move around as it, engage enemies in combat or whatever!

Q: Are there any incompatibilities I need to be aware of?
A: Yes, if you are using "Cyborg - Thermal and Nightvision Implants" when you "piggyback" you will lose your eye. Fear not though, if you download the "IDOES CD Patch" from this page and load it after both "CyberianDawn.esp" and "IDreamofElectricSheep.esp", that will fix the issue.
Q: Why is it so slow and sluggish when I fire as a robot?
A: Unfortunately the only way to implement the weapon firing was this way, I'm afraid you'll just have to live with it. :(
Q: Will you be regularly updating this?
A: As regularly as it needs to be.
Q: How do I control the robot in piggyback mode?
A: Quite simply! Just use the keys you would normally use to walk, or shoot or whatever! There are a couple of differences though. To switch weapons you will need to press "2" and you cannot strafe, unfortunately there's no animation for that.
Q: Why are my companions following the robot when I'm in "piggyback" mode?
A: This is to do with how "piggyback" mode works, the easiest way to get around this is to tell your companions to wait before you possess a robot.

A huge, huge thanks to jazzisparis without whom this mod would not exist at all!

If you are using any other HUD-altering mods, then you will need to install Unified HUD, otherwise something's going to break.
And, like a lot of mods these days, this mod requires NVSE

-Fixed an issue with the player faction.
-Removed redundant files that weren't being used.
-Added Support for "RobCo Certified".
-Fixed an issue where the perk would not display the science requirement.
-Changed how the visual effect for marking robots looks.