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Fixes the bug in Project Nevada that applies Med-X withdrawal effects immediately upon becoming addicted.

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Project Nevada - Med-X Fix

Project Nevada has a bug with Med-X withdrawal, which causes withdrawal effects to be applied immediately upon becoming addicted, and not be removed when more Med-X is taken.

The fix for this is simple - other withdrawal effects (such as for Jet) have a condition that checks for the ignore crippled limbs effect, and does not apply the withdrawal effect until ignore crippled limbs is no longer active, whereas the Med-X withdrawal effect does not contain this check. Adding this condition fixes the Project Nevada bug.

A side effect of this fix is that Med-X also temporarily alleviates withdrawal symptoms of all other drugs. Whilst this might be considered overpowered, it's a trade off I'm willing to make in order to fix the bug. I have altered the effect description of Med-X to 'Ignores Crippled Limbs & Withdrawal Symptoms' in order to reflect its new powers.

Feel free to do what you want with this file, no permissions necessary. It can be easily merged in to a bashed patch and de-activated.