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An automated Medical Injection System for you and your companions. Can either do quest or skip quest.

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Just a couple of things. Nothing drastic or big. A few were annoyances, to me any ways.

- FIXED: Proper Forcep Count.
- FIXED: Messaging when trying to use or need items, but out.
- CHANGED: Auto Sort on storage unit. Only items in settings automatically added.
- CHANGED: Reduced cost of all charges in half.
- ADDED: Companion running low on cells alert. 3 or less.


The MCM Menu and various other options will not appear right away if doing the quest. You have to find the Core Piece and Storage Unit for the HUD and MCM Menu to show. Basically you have nothing to run the system yet as well as check counts. Finding those first two finishes the first part of the quest and starts the second part.

Stimpaks options ect... are not available until you find the disks. But the counter options are available once you have the Core Piece and Storage Unit.

Skipping the quest does enable everything.

Video 1 of initial install and some usage.

Pardon the sluggishness in the video. Comp was not enjoying everything I had running at the time.
NOTE: At the end, when it uses the stimpak and doctors bag, thats me using the hotkeys set by the system.



Search out disks containing source code that upgrades your PipBoy to act as a mobile Doctor Station before Mr. House does!

This version is completely different than the previous versions. The entire mod has been reduced and some options stripped out, while adding new options. This should now work with any companion. It no longer uses separate quests for each individual companion. Since I was unable to find a global 'IsHired' type of variable, I set up the companion copies to stop working after something like 3000 feet. So they still keep them when not hired. Instead of keeping two separate version, I decided to just use one and upgrade its version number.

It is set up as a quest, but on the initial install, you can choose to skip the quest. Doing the quest does offer experience, which is based off of your current level. I made Psycho and Buffout optional in searching out as they may not be as important for some users.

The quest itself explains the idea and reasoning behind the system. To make it sound more reasonable for its usage in how it works. Basically the system is some new code written specifically for PipBoys. Includes a new core to run the system. A medical storage/conversion unit. And creates 'copies' for companions. In the story I explained that the Companion systems are modified Slave Collars with stealth boy technology implemented into them to make them invisible. Hey... that or actually make them as slave colors! I am 'trying' make this sound a bit realistic in regards to the Fallout world.


- All perks removed. Improved Health, AP and companion Perks.
- System grabbing items out of you or your companions inventory. It only takes from the storage unit now.
- Remove a lot of messages, extra code and scripting. A lot less files when viewed in GECK.

- Player Health Regen. Like the companions had in previous versions. Same options.
- Super Stimpaks. These automatically inject once you reach 20% health. 2 min CD.

- System Shield, for the OH SH!T!! moments. Activates when at 15% health. This shield acts like a shield. Or attempts to. It increases all resistances DR, DT, Fire, Energy, Poison and Radiation. It tries to replace any damage taken back, to act like a shield. Any time it does put health back, it makes a sound as if it was being hit. Sounds kinda cool! It only lasts for 10 seconds. Since I felt people may complain about the shield CD's, I set it up so you can choose between 3. 6hrs, 12hrs and 24hrs. Same with the colors, I added 10 various colors you can use. I set this up to work with the companions, seen it kick off. but may not always do so. It is NOT OP!!!!! I have died, taking too much damage, trying to get it to fire off. THE SHIELD WILL SHUT OFF IN IF NOT ENOUGH POWER!! So say you have half a cell left, you are not going to get the full 10 seconds.

- Alternative items. I created duplicates of the items this uses. The theory behind the system is it is supposed to take out any harmful effects, like addiction. it 'filters' them out. So Chems like Psycho, Buffout, Jet ect... have NO addiction chance when use through the system. And ONLY through the system. Super Stimpaks also have no side effects. The idea is for them to act as super heals. Jet restores 25AP instead of 15.

- Crafting. You can craft a few items in here except chems, for now. Stimpaks and Super Stimpaks are completely different crafted recipes. Again, the idea is to craft what the system uses. So in turn it would craft items without the 'junk' added to them. AntiVenom, Doctors Bags (I really want to use something more 'realistic' than these) and, Healing Power are the exact same recipes. Just adding a bit of convenience for the user.

- Usage of Energy Cells. The system now requires energy cells to run. it needs that 'extra power'. It does not use that much power, but will in heavy fights. The Shields will use anywhere from 1-2. I also try and calculate left over charge. So say the current cell has 5 charge, but you are using 20. 15 will be used up on the next cell. Not only does the system use cells, but so do the companions. I did thin about it running off of your cells, but that is just a bit to much being drained. So make sure companions have cells to! You will get alerts every 30 seconds if you or you companions have no cells.

- New timers on items. No matter what Hardcore or not they are the same. Cooldowns on using items. Stimpaks are the same as the game. Meaning they heal the same. But now there is a 10sec CD before the system uses another stimpak. Super Stimpaks are on a 2m CD. Doctors Bags are 1m.

- Medical Storage Unit. This is now required as the system will now pull items from this. No longer pulls items from your or your companions inventories.

- Not really added, but fixed. Hotkeys. They will trigger when used, with like a 0.5 ms delay.


You will have to uninstall and remove the previous version first. This is a completey new mod now.
You can optionally skip the quest to get right back into action with new toys!


** Guaranteed to keep you healthy while roaming the harsh wastelands! **

This mod is no way responsible for you actually dieing. It relies on you to have the items on you and can not heal you through really heavy damage. I know.

This mod's aim is to automatically inject health, chem's and repair damaged limbs without having to open up your PipBoy. The system is given to you as a Holodisk and is placed in the AID section of your inventory. I tried to not make it to powerful. I tired to be reasonable with what was added along with a back story to help make sense of how it works.

There is an adjustable HUD that shows a counter of what you currently have in your medical system storage.
The counter comes with 3 stages of alerts.

1. Safe, as long as you have more than a specified number.
2. Alert, once you reach below #1 the color for that counter turns red.
3. Critical, once reached below a specified number, the counter is red and blinks.

The entire HUD as well as specific counters can be enabled or disabled.
Each injection option can also be enable and disabled.

So you can use Doctors Bags, but hide the counter.

There are also audio Injection alerts.
It may be much for some of going through heavy damage. They can be disabled in the settings.

You will also receive and medical storage unit where you can store medical supplies in. This storage can be set to be accessed or ignored if you need anything injected or repaired. The same as well for companions. The systems will always make sure you or your companions are empty before using anything in the storage.


I added an external Language:
You can change the language if you wanted to.

The HUD itself has various options.
- Adjust Font Size
- Adjust Spacing between elements (Height)
- Adjust spacing between LABEL: [SPACE] VALUE (+ or - values)
- Adjust its position on the screen. Default hot key is R-Shift then use arrow keys while holding it.


You can configure the Medical System if you use The Mod Configuration Menu.
There are many options to choose from and should be pretty self-explanatory, so take a look and enjoy!

To add or remove Medical Systems for Companions, click on the <Medical System> item in the AID section of your inventory. And remember, companions can only have one!

You will also see options to view companion inventory, only showing items the system uses as well as their current health and level.

There are also options to uninstall or restart the system to its defaults.


You can give companions Medical Systems. Companion systems act the same as your own. But they only use Doctor's Bags, Stimpak's and Med-X. Companions do not get radiation or poisoned. Each can be adjusted as well as disabled. During game play you will receive messages (upper left) when they use items. They do pull items from the Medical Storage Unit.


- Latest version of NVSE
- The Mod Configuration Menu
- DarnUI (Optional - But suggested)


Download and install using FOMOD or NMM. Both should install fine. It should, no guarantee, work with the Mod Organizer. The install will give you some options in what position you would like the HUD elements facing.

FOMOD packaged and will properly add the files correctly to the XML files without removing anything.
Suggested to use uHUD as well if using other HUD elements.


- Click the Medical System Core to get the menu.
- Click uninstall.
- Save.
- Quit Game, remove plugin.

This has been added to uHUD.

- Download the latest version of uHUD.
- Install the latest version of uHUD.
- Install Neotropics Medical System
- Install uHUD

There really is no particular load order. I would suggest where ever LOOT puts it. Lower the better.


This is my first mod, so please leave any feedback or bugs.
And remember... vote and endorse if you like Neotropic's Medical System!


To Kasdar's mod for the initial idea to be set in motion.
Nice idea and job, just created my own and took it further.

To Gribbleshnibit8 and their 'PIMP - Pip-Boy Integrated Medical Package Mk VI' for mod Fallout 3. Very resourceful in my learning stages.

Thanks to the MCM team for their useful resources and templates.

Thanks to Volek and Antistar 's Portable Bedroll.

Thanks to Sushisquid Energy Shields New Vegas - ESNV.
Led me in the right direction on creating the shields as well as his texture.
Could not find a better one!


Neotropics Target Info
Neotropic's Weapon Display
Neotropic's Quick Mag