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Bloodrayne\'s outfit ported from FO3 to New Vegas

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Bloodrayne's Outfit - Ported by Chrisinnyshotgun(with permission)

V1.0b now up! Same outfit, but gloveless. Same stats and requirements as v1.0.

First and formost, many thanks to Drazius for allowing me to make this port. All credit goes to him, as well as XCommand & Chingari, for both the original outfit and the HGEC port which is what Drazius based his mod off of.


A Type 3 body replacer
Fallout New Vegas(obviously)
NO DLCs are required.
Latest FNV update(I dont know if it's required, but just in case)


Im sorry for not providing a FOMM ready file; I have no clue how to make them, so unfortunetly this is a manual install. However, it's not too hard to do. Just make sure you put the files EXACTLY where I tell you to put them, or you'll have errors.

BR_Armor goes into your Meshes folder
Clothes goes into your Textures folder
Bloodrayne_Armor.esp goes into your Data folder

I already put a Meshes and Textures folder in the zip so you can just select copy and combine the ones in the zip with the ones in your Data folder for convience.

Please note that version 1.0 uses a regular Leather Armor for a template, so the gloves for the leather armor will show with the armor equipped. Version 1.0b is gloveless, and is identical to Drazius' original FO3 version.

Note - I've been asked about hair - the hair model came from Motoko's Beauty Pack(Type 10 I believe, but I'm not 100% sure). The Uzi and AK47 in the pics come from the Classic Fallout Weapons New Vegas mod. A nice alternative to Gun Runner's Arsenal for the few who don't yet have it.


It is in a briefcase in Doc Mitchell's house, on the floor next to the crate that has the broken 9mm SMG on top of it. The Location pic shows exactly where it is. My apologies to those who couldn't find it before.

I made it a little lighter and a litte more protective compared to vanilla leather armor to keep it somewhat balanced.

Anything that alters the layout of Doc Mitchell's house MAY conflict with this mod. I will test it as soon as I have time and update this section. There should be no conflicts, as I put the case in a location that I've never seen people add stuff via mods, so you should be safe regardless.

After some thought, I've decided I'm done messing with this port, as far as appearance goes.

Please do NOT use this in your mod without securing both my permission.