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IMCN values for items added by Honest Hearts, Dead Money, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road, plus Alcohol Overhaul and Nuka Cola sound fix!

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Finally, New Vegas DLC support for Imp's More Complex Needs!

By popular demand, the main file now contains all changes to DLC edibles.

These packages add IMCN nutrition values to the following ingestible items added by DLC:
Honest Hearts:
  • Daturana
  • Healing Poultice
  • Wasteland Tequila*
  • Black Coffee**
  • Spore Carrier Sap
  • Large Wasteland Tequila*

*Renamed Wasteland Mezcal, because something made in a bottle over a campfire is definitely not going to be up to Tequila specs. Also, because Mezcal.
**Renamed Utah Coffee, for the recipes apparent origin, and to differentiate it from coffee that actually has coffee in it. Also, recipe now takes water.
Also, you can now cook Yao Guai Steak at a camp fire, and eat insect meat without getting food poisoned with Tribal Wisdom.

Dead Money:
  • Ghost People Flesh
  • Pre-War Steak
  • Ghost Sight*

*Now slightly gross, and slightly bad for your nutrition.
I did not include the Sierra Madre Martini, as it appears to be more drugs than food.
Also, the Auto-Docs will now heal you if you get food poisoned, and their Adrenaline Shot should ward off the need for sleep some.

Old World Blues:
  • Thin Red Paste
  • Blood Sausage
  • Mutant Cave Fungus
  • Salient Green*
  • Black Blood Sausage
  • Thick Red Paste
  • Preserved Meat
  • Battle Brew

*Watch out! If you keep it unrefrigerated for too long, Salient Green will morph into a random plant. The desert heat will do that.
Like the Sierra Madre's auto-docs, the Sink Auto-Doc can heal your food poisoning.
The Sink's Sink gave me a very hard time getting her to refill bottles right, and she deserves a spanking. I'll let you all figure that one out.

Lonesome Road:
  • Fiery Purgative*
  • Auto-Inject Stimpak and Super Stimpak
  • MRE
  • Rushing Water

*You lose a little bit of nutrients with that.
The Auto-Docs scattered around the Divide heal food poisoning as well.

But That's Not All!
Download before the bombs fall and get TWO bonus files!
First is my IMCN Alcohol Overhaul, which uses the power of GLOBAL VARIABLES to make it so your character takes little sips of alcoholic beverages, rather than downing an entire bottle of whiskey all at once. Now you can get exactly as drunk as you want! (If you'd like to enjoy delicious homemade Mezcal without instantly becoming blackout drunk, download Imp's More Complex Needs- Honest Hearts- AO.esp instead of the main Honest Hearts file).
Next is a bug that has gone unfixed for far too long. With Imp's More Complex Needs- Special NukaCola Fix.esp, Nuka-Cola Victory and Nuka-Cola Quartz are no longer chewy. When ingested, they now make the same sound as Nuka-Cola being drunk, rather than the same sound as a nice steak. They also make a sound when picked up, and give you bottle caps for your collection!

Double thanks to Imp the Perverse, Bethesda, and Obsidian.