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This mod addresses an IMCN issue where travelling from the Mojave to a DLC area (i.e. the Divide) will kill you.

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IMCN DLC Travel Fixes v1.0.0, by Wobbataco

This mod addresses an IMCN issue where travelling from the Mojave to a DLC area (i.e. the Divide) will kill you.

  • During travel from the Mojave to the Divide and Zion, tracking of needs will be disabled.
  • Tracking is immediately re-enabled upon reaching the destination.
  • This prevents insta-death on travel, which is caused by the PC being “dehydrated” by travelling for three straight days, in which time IMCN is constantly tracking dehydration.
  • Also prevents such effects as having a large debuff from going three days without sleep.

Imp's More Complex Needs is a great mod, but it was not designed for DLC. As such, long times where the PC is inactive, but time is still passing (such as travel between DLC and the Mojave) result in IMCN still tracking needs. This leads to the frustrating situation of the player dying of not having had a drink in three days, when they can't do anything about it.

GenaTrius's IMCN DLC Compatibility Patches is a mod I consider to be essential for IMCN with DLC, but it misses this little loophole, and you can still end up insta-dead with it installed. IMCNDLCCP (whew) partly handles the problem by jacking the player up on stimulants and such at certain points, but it isn't comprehensive. This mod is nowhere near as big or clever as IMCNDLCCP, but it does one thing and it does it well: stops travel insta-death by stopping and restarting tracking. Unless you do something really dumb with trigger primitives, you can guarantee this mod will never fail.

Incidentally, only two of the five DLCs are covered. GRA doesn't have a worldspace, so obviously it doesn't need to be fixed for travel. Dead Money and Old World Blues don't have this problem, because travel between their worldspaces in the Mojave is instantaneous (Elijah magic and OWB teleportation respectively). Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road, however, both have long worldspace travel times. So they're the only ones fixed by this mod.

Note that this mod will keep you alive as regards to needs while you're getting to said worldspace, but it won't do shit as regards to keeping you alive when you get there. What I mean to say is, this won't change DLC foods to provide nutrition, and you can eat as many of LR's MREs as you like – you'll still starve. For this, I once again recommend GenaTrius's IMCNDLCCP, which elegantly handles all that for you.

This mod requires FNV, and IMCN, as well as the Lonesome Road and Honest Hearts DLCs. While not technically required, this mod will be a bit of a dud without IMCNDLCCP.

Installation, Load Order & Conflicts
Standard mod manager installation is fine; no special prep required. For load order, just make sure you stick it after IMCN and the DLCs. Before or after IMCNDLCCP shouldn't make a difference.

As regards to conflicts in general, they're pretty unlikely with this mod. The plugin makes changes to the doors that lead to and from the DLC worldspaces (i.e. the Canyon Wreckage), and also recycles and adds a couple triggers in the vicinity of these doors. The recycled triggers are quite possibly the most boring triggers in the game – I seriously doubt any mod even looks at them. The doors are also unlikely. All that said, if you run into compatibility issues, let me know. Compatibility patches take like ten minutes to make.

Permissions & Legal
Permissions aren't for me to say on this one: all I did was take a bit of reality and a bit of Imp's work that weren't co-operating and mushed them together.