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Adds a bunch of weapons.

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joefoxx082 Weapon Animation Replacers (required) - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/38527

Millenia Weapon Retexture Project - WRP - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/38285

[size="7"] Johnsons M1941 Wasteland rifle [/size]

>image isnt great to see it better check the image section<

A semi automatic rifle developed as a prototype by the NCR. The blueprints for the prewar gun were discovered by a team operating in the Mojave, after their uncovering they were used as a resource to build a new low maintenance cost effective rifle. The prototype's can be located in a cabinet at the Mojave Outpost HQ. It fires .308 rounds and has a capacity of 10 rounds loaded by a side mounted magazine.

[size="7"]Jury Rigged SMG Mk II[/size]

The Jury Rigged SMG Mk II is another wastelanders take on remodelling the original design. It opts for a regular loading magazine as opposed to the side loading of the Mk I. It also has air holes along the barrel for cooling. It has a 32 round capacity and fires 9mm rounds. Can be found at a house in Novac.


Lawbringer is a Custom made .357 Repeater its lever action and holds 7 rounds. Fitted with an under barrel flamer this weapon is useful for long range and short range combat. It can be found on a Jackal Leader residing in the Nevada Highway Patrol Station.

[size="7"]Secret Service Camera Gun[/size]

Fires a single silenced 9mm round, does moderate damage. Used by prewar Secret Services to sneak into venues for assassinations. Can be found in a footlocker under the staircase in The Tops casino.

[size="7"]Contractors Blunderbuss Shotgun[/size]

A blunderbuss shotgun cheaply designed and manufactured from the scraps of other weapons, contractors often arm their Hired Hands/Hitmen with these due to being cost effective, lightweight and guaranteeing that the job gets done with devastating effect. Provided the target is within its short range. It is break action, has a capacity of 1 bullet at a time and fires 12ga rounds. It can be found at a new location called Contractors Abandoned Shack. It is marked on your map north of the Crimson Caravan company.

* Improved Holdout weapon
* Added to the Shotgun Surgeon perk list

[size="7"]Salvaged Scout SMG[/size]

The Salvaged Scout SMG was created by the boomers for their scouts leaving NAFB as well as their airborne teams after they raised the lady in the lake due to its light weight and durability. It is created from broken weapons since spare parts are in high demand at NAFB. It fires 10mm rounds with a capacity of 40 bullets per clip. It can be found in the workshop in Nellis Airforce Base.

*The stock is optional

[size="7"]Provisional SA Rifle[/size]

Created from broken and scavenged materials this scoped rifle serves its purpose in mid/long range engagements. Its a semi automatic rifle firing 5.56mm rounds and has a 15 bullet capacity.
Can be found in Harpers Shack.

[size="7"]The Nine[/size]

A custom 9mm, it has a 20 round capacity and comes in two variants, scoped and unscoped. They can be found in a locked safe in the backroom of the Vicki and Vance Casino.

Scoped - Semi Automatic
Unscoped - Full Auto

V1.6 adds Stockless versions of both of these pistols.


A single shot pistol, though it only has the capacity to fire one bullet before reloading it packs a hell of a punch. Fires 45-70 rounds. It can be found in a locked box in Miguels Pawn Shop.

[size="7"]Artisan's SMG[/size]

An SMG with a top loading pan mag. 60 Round 22LR capacity and a high rate of fire. Can be found on a corpse at California Sunset Drive In.

[size="7"]9mm Compact[/size]

A compact 9mm for sneaking into casinos. It has a 5 round capacity and fires 9mm rounds. Can be purchased from Mr Holdout on the strip.

* Now upgradeable with the 10mm Pistol Silencer mod

[size="7"]Jury Rigged SMG[/size]

An SMG made from scavenged and broken weapons, it has a side loading magazine and fires 9mm with a 20 round capacity. Due to being poorly made it has a fairly slow rate of fire but packs a decent punch. It belonged to Daniel Wyand the Courier who perished in Primm.

[size="7"]Couriers Blunderbuss[/size]

Yes I know its not a blunderbuss I just like the name, you can edit it in the geck if you dont like the name.

Fires 12ga rounds with a 4 round capacity, lever action. You can find it in a dufflebag in Doc Mitchells house by the operating table. (Assuming it belonged to the Courier prior to eating a bullet with his face)

* Holdout Weapon
* Added to the Shotgun Surgeon perk list

[size="7"]Reforged Wasteland .308 Rifle[/size]

Fires .308 rounds with a 5 round clip, bolt action. It can be modded with a bipod, folding stock and a scope (Check screenshots) It can be obtained from its previous owner, a dead courier who suffered the same fate as Daniel Wyand another Mojave Express courier. His body is outside the Nashe's residence in Primm.

For anyone who wants duplicates of the weapon or just wants to get them from one place they can be obtained from a respawning container in victors shack.


Drop all the files into the new vegas data folder.

[size="7"]If you like this mod please remember to endorse, its good motivation. Also any feedback is appreciated.[/size]