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This mod adds a new companion to the game; fully voiced and comes with his own short quest.

Permissions and credits
Desmond is basically a typical wasteland adventurer willing to join you on your adventures across the mojave, with all the features of the regular in game companions and additional features that can be unlocked once you do his quest.
You can find him in the Atomic Wrangler in freeside.

Version 1.8 adds an entirely new quest, fixes the voice files so they aren't so loud and a few other small changes/fixes to the existing dialogue.

To start the new quest you must have finished Desmond's first quest and be at least level 14.

Over 200 lines of voiced dialogue
2 new quests: one when you recruit him one after you finish the first
Fully functional companion wheel
A radio that you can use to bring him to you or move to him (You have to find it yourself during the quest)
Now comments on around 50 different locations in the wasteland

After you complete his quest you get the following options:
The option to choose a home for Desmond
The option for Desmond to unholster his weapon at the same time you do
The option to turn off his combat dialogue and random comments
The choice of weather he's essential or not (Hardcore mode only)

His tagged skills are Guns, Unarmed and Sneak. His default weapons are a cowboy repeater and spiked knuckles.

I plan on adding a third; and probably final quest for Desmond, I have some ideas for it and I intend for it to explore more of Desmond's past and explore his darker side.

I am also interested in finding people to re-voice the two viper gang members that appear in the quest; because at the moment it's just me trying to do other voices, if you're interested send me a message.

None! except NV with the latest patch.

Extract the desmond companion.esm, the sound, textures and meshes folders into your fallout NV data folder.

Just delete the esp and all of the other files related to this mod and that should do it.

Incompatibility, Known Issues or Bugs
I'm not entireley sure about incompatibilities, the building i used for the fiends hideout could be used for something else, if you find any let me know. There is one slight issue I found with FOOK because it also adds an interior to the same building but they use different doors so it still works fine.
I havent found any major bugs while using it so far...

Me - for creating the majority of stuff for the mod and voice acting
Tumbajamba & DVAted - for the outfit. Avalible here: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/42450
Caprius - Companion tutorial that made it possible, found here: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/45278
Alexander j. Velicky - Lip sync tutorial, found here: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/11802

1.0 - First release

Quick fix - Fixes major bug

1.5 - Small fixes, new features, new lines, perks, expanded backstory

1.75 - Voice acting completley re-done, removed perks & backstory from 1.5, new features, new lines, changed default weapon.

1.8 - new quest, improved audio, fixed some spelling mistakes in dialogue, re-voiced a few lines