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It adds a non-replacer re-texture for the Moonshadow Elf race mod, based on the superb DesuChan Dolls race for Oblivion, and a couple of presets for it. (And you can further modify it in the face editor, just like any other race.)

The texture has been slightly darkened and re-hued to fit the Fallout and New Vegas body textures, and in fact you get two versions of it: a lower contrast version (Doll race 1), and a fairly high contrast one (Doll race 2.) I think the low contrast one looks a little more natural, but really depends on hair colour and lighting mods too, so use your own best judgment. And of course, the skin tone sliders still work, so if something is too pale or too yellow or whatever for your taste, you can tweak it to your liking.

The reprocessing was necessary to make sure the head/neck and the Fallout body are roughly the same hue at the seam. Or at least are close enough in colour to be easy to overlook, especially with some necklace or choker over the seam..

Since this mod does NOT redistribute the Moonshadow Elf assets, you NEED the Moonshadow Elf mod installed and active. It is a mod to a mod, basically, and you need the base one there.

The presets for both races are as follows:

1. The standard Moonshadow Elf preset.

2. The face used in the "Home Made Doll" image. It's the completely unmodified Head 06 variant used by the Moonshadow Elves, if you want to start your face editing from the base mesh.

3. Maxine from the FO3 strip. This is exactly her, in case you want to plaster that face on some companion with TesSnip or use it for yourself.

4. An own bullet-shaped face that is somewhat closer IMHO to the original DesuChan Dolls head than the others.


This is a mod to a mod. Please read carefully and don't improvise, unless you're a modder and know exactly what you're doing. You WILL need everything stated here. This means:

- The Moonshadow Elves mod. ( http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/42499 ) This contains the mesh for the head, as well as the ears. The mod must be installed (or you'll get a big red exclamation mark instead of a head) and active (or you won't get the elf ears.)

- Ling's Coiffures ( http://www.moddb.com/mods/lings-coiffure-nv/downloads/lings-coiffure-nv-v42 ), same as the Moonshadow Elves mod requires. Your game will crash if you try to use this without Ling's installed and active.

A body replacer is not required for this mod, though certain clothing may require one anyway.

Some kind of necklace or choker to cover the neck seam is highly recommended for aesthetic reasons, but is otherwise optional. The mod will work just the same without one, if you don't mind the seam or wear clothes that cover that part anyway. (E.g., the Persona outfit or several others.)


Just unpack the archive, with directories, into your Data folder. Select it in the list of data files in the launcher or the mod manager.


Delete the MoonshadowDolls file from your Data folder. Delete the MoonshadowDolls folders in your Data\Meshes\Characters and Data\Textures\Characters folders.


I'll have to try to import the actual DesuChan Doll face from the Oblivion mod as a preset.


I don't think anything can really conflict there.

The only issues I can think of are that (A) there is a neck seam, same as for any other head or body replacer, and (B) custom hairs may clip through the face, especially if it's made much wider or otherwise far enough from the default face outline, but that happens even with the Bethesda head.


- MissAniThrope (formerly known as DesuChan) for the original face texture. Really, this is mod is 99% her work, I'm only fitting it to Fallout.

Permission to redistribute the modified texture was given to me by MissAniThrope in this thread: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/images/28782

- Sulpyun and invalidfate for the Moonshadow Elf and its port. Also for the bright MS eyes.

- Throttlekitty for the Head06 resource that this is based on

If you like this, please consider giving them a kudos.


I do not own the copyright to any of this myself, so I can't give you any permissions. However, if MissAniThrope gives you permission, for my part, I make no claims over my own minor re-tinting it, so whatever she's ok with, goes.


Toned down the contrast for the Doll2 race

First New Vegas release