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Command your companions at the touch of a button.

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================================================== DEVELOPER MESSAGE UPDATE 11/06 ==================================================

A quick list of notes on XSquad:
* The squad comms should work with any npc teammate, like those from the original game once they've joined you as companions. To force any non-teammate npc's availability for squad entry, you can use "SetPlayerTeammate 1" on them in the console.

* Removing the Tutorial Mode guys from a squad doesn't fire them as companions; you can do this by bringing up the console, clicking them and typing "setplayerteammate 0".

* The amount of controlled companions is virtually limitless.

* You need the latest NVSE version installed to run XSquad.

More coming.

First XSquad video review
Watch it in the videos section.

Released v0.9
I'm happy to finally release this mod, which has been shelved in a practically finished first release state since februari. I guess I was overtaken by ideas for what is now known as XRE, which has been claiming my modding time since then. As I'm awaiting the new Vertibird model before taking XRE to the next stage, I should have some time to spend on XSquad babybugs.

When reporting a bug, please use the XSquad's own diagnostic feature and include it in your bug report (XSquad Main Menu -> System Settings -> Debug Data Report).

Have fun!


********* TABLE OF CONTENTS **********

1 - Description
2 - Features
3 - Planned Features
4 - Technical Info
5 - Current Bugs
6 - Help Wanted
7 - Frequently Asked Questions
9 - Credits
10 - Permissions
11 - Changelog


Under Construction.

[ 2 - FEATURES ]

-= Add companions to one of three squads
-= Squad selection & commands issued remotely, by single keypress.
-= Duel key action: Short keypress commands a single squad, holding key down commands all.
-= Killcounter: Records kills by squad members individually.
-= Weapon type preference: Squads can be set to equip weapons of a specific type, if they have any.
-= Squad formations (EXPERIMENTAL): Assign stationary squad formations.
-= Formation Editor (EXPERIMENTAL): Edit and save custom squad formations.
-= Attack Actor ai package: Scripted emulation of combat behavior, targeted at a specific actor. Compensates for non-existing equivalent ai package.
-= Interactive Tutorial.
-= Bombastic intro sequence.
-= Debug Data Reporter: Gathers & displays scripts status data.
-= Squad status reports.
-= Companion Health System:
- Keeps shot down squad members down during combat, even after evp's.
- Configurable amount of restored hitpoints after getting up.
- Health recovery: Lost health optionally restores slowly outside combat.
-= Available commands:
- Follow: Squad members stay close to you at all times.
- Follow While Not Engaged: Same as above, but allows squad members to disband during combat.
- Hold Position: Squad members hold their position but still engage in combat.
- Move to Location: Squad members move to the targeted location.
- Search And Engage: Squad members disband and search the area for hostiles.
- Fire at Target: Squad members will fire at inanimate targets and engage in combat with live ones.


Under Constuction


Under Construction


* When reporting bugs, please include a Debug Info report If possible. You can request a Debug Info report from the systems settings in the XSquad Main Menu.

- Squad members' weapons sometimes get unequipped unintentionally, with the squad member still acting as if holding the weapon. Activating the squad member of setting a weapon pref resolves this: Will look into this further.
- The Fire at Target command has occasionally crashed my game when used on an actor, caused by a buggy script function used in the combat behaviour emulation script. It seems I've managed to make it stable, should you however experience issues when targeting actors you can suppress this function in the XSquad System Settings.

- COMPATIBILITY: I haven't done any testing with other mods, simply haven't had the time for it. Any mod that manipulates companions may conflict with XSquad, obviously.


- Some small modeling jobs, check back later if you're interested.


Q: Why does XSquad not support more than three squads?
A: Aside from scripting restrictions complicating things, managing more squads seems to hamper gameplay rather than enhancing it.

Q: Can I use parts of your mod in my own work?
A: See Permissions.

Q: Can I implement XSquad as a modding reference in my own work?
A: XSquad should see a short beta phase, after which mod referencing will be permitted.

Q: Will you add more squad commands / management options to XSquad?
A: XSquad aims at fast & easy companion control, so I've limited the available features to the most useful and practical. Additional commands may be included in future versions though.

Q: Why squad commands instead of individual companion control?
A: The squad based control system is much more practical with more than three followers to control.

[ 8 - CREDITS ]

Bethesda for Fallout's deep modding support.


No part of this mod may be modified, redistributed or used in other work without express permission from the author.

[ 10 - Changelog ]

v0.9a Quickfix
- Removed both v0.9 files from the downloads and replaced them with v0.9a packages.
- The Tutorial now works correctly.
- Apparently I forgot to include XSquad.esp in the main package; now it's in there.

4-6-2012 First Release!