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Imho Wild wasteland should have been a default part of the game, So I integrated it.

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Integration of Wild Wasteland Trait.

Wild Wasteland doesn't feel like a trait, it affect the world, not the player. I believe it was a conflict within the Game industry that led to a lot of whacky content being optional as a trait, if I had been in charge it would have been an on/off switch in the game options instead. Therefore I hereby present the on switch, install this mod and the switch is on. It's a bit more complicated to turn the switch off though, explained in the uninstallation section.

  • Included in NVEC mod
  • Does not require a new game. 
  • Wild Wasteland is given to the player at first game startup with this mod.
  • If you already have wild wasteland it will remove the other trait and let you choose two new traits.
  • Wild Wasteland will not be on the trait-list at doc Mitchell or at character rebuild.
  • Wild Wasteland will not be listed in the pipboy perk-overview.
  • Don't know if it works without OWB DLC.
  • For those who does not have OWB DLC use Kobu's Free Wild Wasteland instead. http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/35653
  • Very small mod, only three records, one override and two new ones.


When the mod is removed any saves made with it will leave your character with three traits in the pip-boy perk overview; wild wasteland + 2 others.

To remove one of them you must open the in game console and type: player.removeperk [perk ID]

[Perk ID] list:
  • 0ed568 - Wild Wasteland
  • 135ec8 - Trigger Discipline
  • 135ec6 - Small Frame
  • 164ed1 - Loose Cannon
  • 135f05 - Kamikaze
  • 135EC5 - Heavy Handed
  • 137AFE - Good Natured
  • 135ec4 - Four Eyes
  • 135ec7 - Fast Shot
  • 137b02 - Built to Destroy

Old World Blues traits:
  • xx0133ae - Claustrophobia
  • xx012767 - Early Bird
  • xx01276d - Hoarder
  • xx01276b - Hot Blooded
  • xx01276e - Logan's Loophole
  • xx012b86 - Skilled

"xx" is the load order of your Old World Blues.esm where FalloutNV.esm has load order 00 the next one on the list have load order 01 and so on.

Not Compatible with:
Littlepip's Fixes

My other Mod:

Four Eyes Improved
Versatile Intro Sequence

Kobu; for the inspiration.

PM me.