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A Van Graff Scorned is the third in a planned series of mods restoring cut content back to Fallout New Vegas. This mod restores cut parts from the Van Graff\'s introductory sequence.

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[size=32]New Vegas Uncut 3: A Van Graff Scorned [/size]

Do not use this mod with Freeside Open! It's already integrated into that mod, so using this esp as well is redundant!


A Van Graff Scorned is the third in a planned series of mods restoring cut content back to Fallout New Vegas. Ever wondered what that guy was doing kneeling on the floor when you first enter the Silver Rush? This mod restores the complete opening cutscene from when the player first encounters the Van Graffs. Most of this cutscene plays in the vanilla game, however crucial parts were removed presumably due to a lack of certain animations. As such the the start and resulting end of the scene were edited out. This mod re-ads the extra dialogue and events - find out exactly WHY that guy was sitting on the floor and why he was subsequently killed, and get a completely new handle on the Van Graffs. It's interesting how the editing in the final game changes the tone of what was intended in this scene massively - a tense atmosphere is defused to show the Van Graffs actually have a sense of humour, and Gloria is a saucy gal indeed.

What's New


- Moved the "volunteer" by marker to his start location now. This will override any mods that have unwittingly moved his initial placement in the Geck and hence stop them breaking this mod.

- Removed "Fallout behaviour" from a couple of AI packages to stop people having a friendly chat during tense moments.


Simply extract all files from this archive to your FalloutNV/Data/ directory. click the "Data Files" option from the game's loader and tick the box next to avangraffscorned.esp

For best results, simply use the Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) package installer.

Naturally you can only see this scene if you have yet to enter the Silver Rush in your game.

Known Issues/Bugs

- The "volunteer" will act slightly strangely if you look closely - there is no animation for people walking whilst tied up in FNV, so as he walks to his kneeling position his bonds will suddenly materialise in out of nowhere. This is presumably one of the reasons for this scene being cut.

- Jean-Baptist Cutting will sometimes spazz about while getting the "volunteer" out of the back room. This is a peculiar pathing issue that doesn't often happen and is pretty minor so I left it alone.

Reporting Bugs

Please post bugs in the Van Graff Scorned topic on the Nexus forums.

Version History


- First version.


Mod by MoBurma
Based on original code by Obsidian

Thanks to bnxus for letting me know about this scene