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XRocketEngine: Scripted physics engine providing extended object manipulation

Permissions and credits

================================================== DEVELOPER NEWS==================================================

23/01 - CARS! released!
Go check it out!

18/01 - XRE CARS! page killed?
Been working for around 14 hours straight getting very close to the CARS! release, finally, logged in to post a few screens, only to find the mod's page has been thrown out without a single warning. Thats probably more than a hundred feature requests gone, as well as my elaborations on the project.

Some notice would have been appreciated. Rules are no reason to flush someone else's work down your toilet. Oh well, off to bed, it's 5:30 am and I'm beat.

Three images of the service station added.

4/12 - XRE CARS! page launched
Go check it out!

Finally had some time this week to work on the new XRE vehicle, made a trailer for it today:
Go check it out!

I'll try to give some updates on the rest of XRE soon.

18/10 - XRE: Smart Arms v1.05 released!
Go check it out!

06/10 - uGridsToLoad SaveGuard Released
Get it here.

Large SmartArms update near release. News on RTR & Vertibird soon.

13/09 - XRE: Smart Arms v1.02 released!
Since this page is starting to clutter, I've set up a seperate info page for the Smart Arms part of XRE, at least until I clean up. Files are still offered here.

09/09 - RTR Trailer #2 & dev updates
As you've noticed, I've skipped RTR beta 1.24 for first release entirely and continued developing it to the current 1.29 stage... 1.24 was just too unstable and incomplete. The current version is however greatly improved and expanded with new features, I hope I can get it out there by coming thursday, before I leave for two weeks.

The new trailer shows one of the new missile models that are built from scratch completely, the brake/boost system and flying bombers, that are actually used ingame as props in a new missile flight mode.

I've included the Debug Mode feature to help determine root causes for your bugs and crashes: When enabled from the system menu, it will monitor XRE processes real-time and generate an error code immediately after it detects a malfunctioning process. When reporting a recurring bug, like unresponsiveness, crashes, clipping etc. please repeat the event with the Debug Mode enabled and provide me with any error codes you get. Note that the Debug Mode resets to 'off' automatically when you quit and restart the game.

- A wall remover is strongly recommended.
- Get the New Vegas Stutter Remover plugin for smoother and possibly more stable gameplay with XRE. I recommend editing the ini file in
Data\NVSE\Plugins, changing the 'MaximumFPS' entry to 60. See if you find it an improvement.


********* TABLE OF CONTENTS **********

1 - Description
2 - Features & their stage of develoment
3 - Planned Features
4 - Technical Info
5 - Current Bugs
6 - Help Wanted
7 - Frequently Asked Questions
8 - XRE Approved Mods
9 - Credits
10 - Permissions
11 - Changelog


At heart XRE is a scripted object physics & manipulation engine, allowing the creation of moving structures and vehicles in Fallout. The current beta showcase contains one implementation, a flyable vertibird. The second part of the showcase, a both manually and a.i. controllable missile, will be added when I'm done with solving a few die-hard bugs and finish the a.i. control mode script. Right now, all my work goes into the vertibird.

The goal is to release several stand-alone vehicle types as modding references.

Also the elevator system will be a multi-floor, omni-directional moving platfrom, stand-alone modding reference.

NVSE is required for XRE to function.


--= XRE Main Features =--
* see technical info for terminology *

- Virtualized physics engine, running indepentently alongside the game's own engine (75%)
- Emulated collision detection & response (detection 75%, response 25%)
- Ability to anchor multiple objects to an XRO (90%)
- Ability to move and rotate XRO elements independently (50%)
- Head-up display system, displaying messages and analog instrumentation (75%)
- Artificial Intelligence operation of vehicle controls (Vertibird 0%, Missile 75%)
- Extensive configurability of XRO properties (80+ config variables on the vertibird alone)

--= Vertibird Features =--

- Reskinned exterior
- Lighted windows && flashing navlights
- HUD with analog throttle, velocity && altitude gauges
- Relative & sealevel altitude measurement
- Currently two weapons: 70mm dual tankshell cannon, 20mm gatling cannon
- HUD nightvision
- Over 20 original/remixed sound effects
- Collisions & crash sequence
- Takeoff & landing sequences
- Searchlight
- Both Metric and Imperial System HUDS
- And more...

--= Missile Features =--

Coming Soon...

[ 3 - PLANNED FEATURES Outdated]

Under Constuction


- Improved collision response: directionality, multiple collision intermediates instead of one
- Additional vertibird on-board weapons
- Better cockpit model
- Vertibird properties such as fuel, health, ammo stock
- HUD: additional event messages, additional instruments
- Vertibird interior facilities like cargo
- Dynamic propellor sound
- Improved npc combat response
- 3rd person view
- DLC support, moving between worldspaces
- Vertibird movement visuals: Player view lag, 'floating' when hanging still in the air
- More coming


Under Construction.

XRE = XRocket Engine
XRO = XRocket Object, the term I use for a system of objects, controlled by the XRE as a single moving vehicle.

[ 5 - CURRENT BUGS Outdated]

* I will write a Debug Mode script so people can provide me with crashtime variables that I can analyze *

- Unexplained collisions that seem to be caused by an invisible wall: This I've experienced on rare occasions, haven't been able to reproduce... my best guess is it happened when moving between cells, which somehow messed with the collision detector's feedback angles, triggering false detections. Hopefully Beta 1.1 fixed this.
- Issues when bringing up the Pip-Boy: Never happened, I can't even guess what causes it yet.
- Fast traveling messes things up: I'm aware of it as I pointed out in the instructions. Don't use it for now.
- Getting shot down by artillery when leaving the Nellis area: If you don't recognize this Main Story Line event, you should really play the vanilla game. It's fun!
- Elevator bugs: These things have been working flawlessly for me from the moment I built them; I'm puzzled
- Hudmessages flashing around the cockpit in-flight: Hopefully Beta 1.1 fixed this.
- Hands / weapons seem off after a flight: Noticed this too, and I'm not running weapon replacers as some of you reported. Hopefully Beta 1.1 fixed this.
- Shooting barrels on the shooting gallery crane occasionally crashes the game: I suspect the barrels are somehow bugged. Will look into this.

- COMPATIBILITY: I haven't done any testing with other mods, simply haven't had the time for it. I suppose the (technically) unusual state this mod puts the game in, when in-flight, may not be friendly to some other mods. My sincere apologies to fellow developers, XRE might be a bit of a bully...

- COMPATIBILITY: XRE doesn't seem to like the cinematic killcam, causing crashes when a companion kills something and the cam initiates. Either have your companions fly with you or turn this feature off in the game settings.



Under Construction.

Q: Why no mouse / controller support?
A: Unfortunately the game does not provide access to analog input device data; if I find some way to circumvent this, be sure it will be implemented.

Q: Can I use your mod as part of my own work?
A: See Permissions.

Q: Can you make an XRE airplane?
A: Since player view can only be rotated and tilted backward/forward, an airplane is unfortunately out of the question until there are script functions to tilt the camera sideways.

Q: Can you make an XRE car?
A: I've been thinking about the possibility but haven't explored it. It'll take a considerable modification of the XRE.

Q: Why am I shot down trying to leave the Nellis area?
A: This is a Main Story Line event. Simply avoid the area behind the Nellis base entrance gate. The artillery option in the menu does not alter this.

Q: Landing is hard! Can you make it easier or add assisted landing?
A: No, but I will make a small instuction video when i have the time.


The Weapon Data Importer is a small interpreter
translating unused weapon ref entry values to a vertibird
mounted gun, which if properly set up is added to the
XRE-V store. No scripting required.

Note that the WDI will reject an entry unless it meets
the described requirements as described in these steps:

[1 Create your refs]

- Your weapon ref, must be a ranged weapon type
- A unique ammo for your weapon
- A formlist

[2 Fill the formlist]

The first list entry has to contain your weapon's ammo
ref (or the game will crash), the rest will be read in
the order they are found:

- 1st sound ref: Fire sound (required)
- 2nd sound ref: Startup sound (optional)
- 3rd sound ref: Cooldown sound (optional)
- 1st ISM ref: Fire ISM (optional)
- 2nd ISM ref: Startup ISM (optional)
- 3rd ISM ref: Cooldown ISM (optional)

[3 Setup weapon parameters]

The following of your weapon's data entries are read by
the WDI:


{Name} - The name of your weapon
{Fire Rate} - Weapon Fire Rate - (0.5-20)
{Ammo} - The formlist you created - (not the ammo!)
{Ammo Use} - Weapon Ammo Use - (1 minimum)
{Automatic} - Auto/single shot
{Fire Delay Min} - Startup time - (0-5)
{Fire Delay Max} - Cooldown time - (0-5)
{Sight Usage} - Base max ammo - (0-10000)
{Attack Anim.} - Source Barrels
Left: Left barrel
Right: Right Barrel
Loop: Alternating left/right
{Hand Grip} - HandGrip1: Main cannon barrels
- HandGrip2: Machinegun barrel
- HandGrip3: Beam emitter barrel
{Aim Arc} - The weapon's aim arc (-5 to 5)
{Reload Anim} - ReloadA: Use normal projectile source(s)
- ReloadB: Fire projectiles from the crosshair,
intended for fast, non-visible projectiles
like the gatling cannon's 20mm. Only applicable
to machinegun barrel sourced weapons.
{Base VATS Chance} - Not used right now, but set it to 0
[4 Add your weapon to the WDI]

- Add your weapon ref to "XRocketVertibirdWDImportList" and save your work as a seperate esp.
Don't forget to add XRocket.esp as master.
- It should appear in the XRE-V store, as well as it's ammo.
- If you've followed these steps properly you're free to share your new weapon addon here on
Nexus. Title it something like "XRE Weapon addon: <name>".

These instructions are not complete, but you should have enough to get started!

[ 9 - CREDITS ]

Bethesda for Fallout's deep modding support.


No part of this mod may be modified, redistributed or used in other work without express permission from the author.
Permitted modding referencing is planned for a future release.

[ 11 - Changelog ]

Beta 1.35 released!

- Added mouse support
- Added analog control settings to the menu
- Added Booster Jets, available as upgrades
- Moved ammo gauge to right side of the HUD, replaced by boosters gauge
- Removed sea level altimeter, changed relative altimeter to dual gauge (ranges 70m and 400m)
- Added in-flight passenger dropoff function
- Added dropoff sign to the HUD, blinking when at correct level and altitude
- Added Debug Mode to the system menu, messaging error codes on script failures
- Added two new WDI parameters: Aim Arc and Central Source. See the WDI section.
- Added mod presence checking and notifications
-= MISC =-
- Removed RTR testbase for compatibility with the upcoming release.
- Corrected aiming for the 20mm & 70mm weapon systems
- Increased follower distance when in flight to prevent them from blocking the vertibird when landing; selectable in the vertibird menu.
- Increased vertical takeoff velocity to avoid collisions with ground obects.
- Reworked the zoom function.
- Decreased the max forward tilt from 55' to 45'.
- Changed upgrade naming
- Added savegame backward compatibility
- Fixed the hands / pipboy distance bug, should be finally and completely resolved now.
- Fixed passengers dropping out of the sky when exiting the vertibird.
- Fixed menu freeze when selecting an unavailable key in the keybinding process.
- Disabled collision detection while on ground, preventing nearby companions getting busted up by the detector.
- Fixed various possible causes of reported issues, associated with:
--> Pipboy use
--> XP Gain function
--> Platform services
--> Nightvision
--> Searchlight
--> Landing

Beta 1.31 released!
- Fixed missing platform consoles
- Fixed false collisions when using the zoom function
- Added menu option for toggling hands distance bugfix on/off
- Limited combat response distance
- Changed pricing and properties for various store items
- Added 3rd tier upgrades for ammo, armor and fuel
- Limited additional weapon slots to 2, upgradable up to 7
- Reduced engine power, full performance through upgrade
- Added radiation shielding upgrades
- Added fuel & repairs cost
- Fixed bug causing the vertibird getting 'stuck' in landing mode
- Disabled the Nellis entrance artillery to allow leaving Nellis without getting shot down near the gate

Beta 1.3 released!
- Added the Weapon Data Importer (WDI), allowing easy 3rd party weapon addons. See the section on WDI
- Added 2 new WDI weapons, available at the store
- New sounds
- Vertibird now carries up to 7 extra WDI weapons, installable from the armory
- Added XRE Store to the platforms
- Added XRE Armory to the platforms
- Added ammo use & gauge, ammo available at the store
- Added XP gain from kills, optional from the menu
- Added vertibird upgrades, available at the store
- Added num 1/9 hotkeys for weapon selection, optional from the menu
- Improved npc combat response
- Elevators now kill you when standing under them
- Added flight statistics in the menu
- Adjusted flight physics for better feel and control; Revertable to 1.2 physics in the menu
- Slight max speed increase
- New weapon fire source through creature ref
- Improved 20mm and 70mm performance
- Changed the mod from esp to esm
- Rearranged the folder stucture
- Moved the Nellis platform to nearby hangar roof
- Finally fixed the weird hands/weapon distance bug this time
- Fixed navmesh to stop service bots from running into objects
- Fixed servicebots getting in the way when taking off
- Fixed searchlight crash when exiting on a platform
- Fixed platforms from occasionally becoming unresponsive

Beta 1.2 released!
- Added hull damage system.
- Added fuel consumption based on vertibird actions.
- Added warnings for low health/fuel.
- Added Cruise Mode: enables at 475 ft, allowing faster travel.
- Added vocal event messages.
- Added 9 service platforms across the Mojave Desert, reachable by elevator or from the sky
- Platform animations, repairbots
- Platform functions: refueling and repairs
- 23 new sounds for platform services
- Expanded the HUD on both sides for additional functions.
- Added damage & fuel gauges to the HUD.
- Added flight control mode sign on the HUD (auto/manual).
- Added Cruise Mode sign to the HUD.
- Added landing assist sign on the HUD, flashing while conditions for landing are met.
- Expanded core code scripts to three, globalized 175 variables, increased lists use, total vertibird code size now 100kb uncommented.
- Changed zoom function to decrease fov change-induced false collision detections.
- Modified collision detection emu to decrease false detections.
- Fixed the weird hands/weapon distance after vertibird exit?

10-4-2012 Released Beta 1.1 Update.
- Improved player shielding from weapon fire while in cockpit
- Adjusted the collision detection emulator, modified the collision detector object
- Fixed crash when exiting the vertibird with the searchlight on
- Various adjustments to decrease or prevent game crashes when exiting the vertibird after prolonged flight
- Adjusted some vertibird sound priorities
- Added menu option to take companions as passengers
- Improved HUD/Nightvision brightness when running the game with anti-aliasing, selectable in the menu. Nightvision should work for everyone now.
- Fixed some things around the Nellis testsite
- Made landing a little easier
- Removed alternative nightvision screen colors, leaving the standard green
- Settings are saved when exiting the vertibird
- Integrated the Vertibird Menu Key Hotfix in the main file, removed the file from the downloads
- Fixed the weird hands/weapon distance after vertibird exit?

8-4-2012 Released hotfix for menu key on laptops

6-4-2012 First Release!

Or go to the Ride The Rocket page.
A better quality version of the trailer is available in the files section there.