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A new starting system for Fallout: New Vegas that lets the player choose a history and small story that goes with it. Randomizes starting gear based on skills and history. Random starting locations based on faction.

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This mod needs NVSE


Aren't you tired of starting with Doc Mitchell every time you make a new character? Don't you want more options to make Fallout: New Vegas into a better role playing game? Then this is for you. Dynamic Alternative Roleplayer's Start allows you to not just create a character, but to craft a history and story for your character. Do you want to be a struggling gambler down on his luck? Got you covered. Ever wanted to strike out on the missions of the Followers of the Apocalypse? You (sort of) can now.

Features include:
  • Fixed starting quests.
  • Your skills determine what you get.
  • Start at over 95 hand placed locations across the wasteland.
  • Faction specific start points.
  • Extensible.
  • Fully randomized.
Each history is broken down into 3 levels: Poor, Well-off, and Wealthy.
  • Poor - unable to receive the best gear, even with high skills.
  • Well-off - can receive the best gear if they have high enough skills.
  • Wealthy - almost guaranteed the best gear even with low values in the required skills.
All skills are factored into your history to determine:
  • What weapons you get when you start (Weapons)
  • How well repaired your gear is (Repair)
  • How many caps you get (Barter + Speech)
  • Your starting chems (Medicie)
  • How much food you get (Survival)
What all this means for you is that, no matter what history you choose, your starting gear and items will be different every time.
  • Delay DLC by Me. Stops the DLC loaded messages from showing up using level checks and distance from DLC start locations.
  • Courier's Stash Integration by The-Silenced. Adds the new weapons and armor to leveled lists to be distributed throughout the game instead of given away for free.
  • Couriers Stash Pre-Order Pack Selector by Yukichigai. Lets you select any of the packs to be given to you.
  • Tutorial Killer by Pintocat. Made specifically in response to Alt Start, this mod will stop all the tutorial messages about item condition, V.A.T.S., and other things that pop up at the beginning of every new game.
  • Sometimes you can start with no weapons, or no clothing. Simply reload the autosave to re-generate everything.
  • Occasionally a character will be given two of the same type of weapon, as a side arm and primary weapon. Use one to repair the other :)
  • Due to the fact that this mod starts you out outside of Doc Mitchell's house, the DLC will consider your game started, resulting in their pop-ups ruining your start experience. I suggest you get a mod like Delay DLC to get around this.
  • Ed-E might disappear in existing saves. The reason is currently unknown, but is being looked into.
  • Not having NVSE will cause manifest in the Race menu not showing up when activated from the Terminal. And you will be unable to leave the shack. This is not a bug, you don't meet the requirements.
  • Existing characters made prioer to 1.5 that have Reduced Sneak, Reduced Science, or Reduced Medicine will need to start over or do player.restoreav medicine/sneak/science 9999999 to get the stat fixed.
Please report any other issues you come across, so they can be fixed or added here.
  • NVEC alters parts of Quest VCG01, the same quest that Alt Start makes major edits to. Load Alt Start after NVEC, or just don't activate NVEC until you finish character creation and leave the start shack. Once past the start shack, VCG01 is finished and no longer running. Any conflicts will not matter then.
  • Any other mod that edits Quest VCG01. This is unavoidable in the design of Alt Start, and cannot be fixed without a patch file.
  • Probably TTW/RFCW. I'm not sure how they handle the game start anymore, though I do have TTW and plan on testing with it soon. Expect a patch at some point after that happens.