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A few tutorials on how to make fun, creative and artistic screenshots, how to port things from FO3 into FNV and back for personal use, and how to use nifskope and blender to create custom outfits.

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I've learned quite a bit over the last few years on how to mod, and how to make screenshots, and for the most part I learned on my own with experimentation. I've found that there are some tutorials available for some of these things, and information around, but it's sometimes hard to find, and there can be issues getting past the information you don't need to find the information that is helpful. I thought that I'd make a (hopefully) easy to follow tutorial on some common things that aren't that difficult to us.

Screenshots tutorial: This one is completed. I've compiled a list of useful console commands and vanilla playidles, put in some recommendations on visual mods, and have included a few reference screenshots with instructions on how I created them.

Porting and Outfit Creation Tutorial: This gives instructions on how to bring FO3 mods to NV, and vice versa, using the GECK. It is also the process by which customized outfits (such as mashups created in nifskope)

Nifskope Tutorial: Nifskope is a fabulous tool that is really very easy to use, and not so easy to find information on how it works. I break down a few tricks to creating outfit mashups, and some pointers to eliminate certain common problems. I've also included some very basic information on using blender (a very user-unfriendly 3d modeler), largely geared around the elimination of clipping.