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Increases weapon jam potential by making weapons capable of jamming while firing as well, not just after reloading. Weapons also have increasingly tiny chances of jamming at higher conditions.

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Also available for Fallout 3.

This mod increases the potential for weapon jamming by making malfunctions possible during firing as well, not just after reloading. Before, weapons could only malfunction after a reload, and it could only occur with weapons at 50% condition or below. Now, weapons can also malfunction during firing, and it can occur above 50% condition, even up to 80%, but the chances of a malfunction are increasingly slim at higher conditions. At 80% condition, it's very rare for a weapon to malfunction.

Why make this? A few different reasons:

1) Gameplay: I'd be lying if I said I want my weapons to jam on me in the middle of a fight, I don't. That would be crazy. But I do enjoy the intense "oh crap" situations that can sometimes lead to. Also, the fun part is that enemy weapons are just as likely to jam as yours are, and the extra time it takes them to fix their weapons can and does give you a window of opportunity to attack them safely.

2) Realism: It's a believable limitation and increases difficulty in a small, subtle way. It also further emphasizes the importance of maintaining equipment in a rough, post-apocalyptic world and makes the repair skill a bit more important.

3) Because they're nice animations: I made this because I realized that just about every weapon in this game that can malfunction has its own unique animation for it, and I'd never even seen most of them. I thought that was a real shame, because a lot of those animations are good, and fun to watch. This is especially true for New Vegas, because there's no longer any limit on what condition you can repair things to, so you're unlikely to be stuck with with a poor condition weapon long enough to see it malfunction.

I am aware of smuppet's mod that makes similar changes, but I made this for myself long ago and since I've already given it to a few friends, I figured I may as well give it a proper place. My mod is a bit different and feels perfect to me, so it may as well be here to give people options.

Alternate versions

Speaking of options, I've made two alternate versions of the mod by request:

More Jams extends the condition range for jamming to 100%, and also moderately increases the chances for a jam to occur at higher conditions.

No Reload Jams is the same as the main file, except reload jamming has been removed entirely. Weapons will only jam during firing, with the same chances as before.


Pick the version of the mod you want - the main one or one of the alternates - then put the .esp in your fallout new vegas\data\ directory and tick the box next to it in your mod manager.


Conflicts are highly unlikely. I use this mod in conjunction with Manual Reload, Weapon Mods Expanded, and a number of other weapon mods, and it co-exists just fine.

I have had one report of a conflict between this and Immersive Reload 


No known bugs. I have read of a potential bug in which automatic weapons get stuck on their jam animation, but in several months of using this mod I haven't encountered that problem at all.


Realistic Repair - by defear
Jamming Fix and Optional Tweaks - by Voidwalker