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Fast travel to the Lucky 38, aability to skip the casino floor on entering or leaving the building, better orientation with colored map-marker

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What it does
This small Mod changes the way you enter the Lucky 38.

  • Fast travel directly in front of the Lucky 38 main entrance.
  • The main entrance ports the player directly into the Lucky 38 player suite, skipping the casino floor.
  • The elevator provides the option to leave the building without having to go through the casino floor.
  • The Mod simulates passing all necessary triggers the player passes if he would enter or leave the Strip / Lucky 38 the usual ways.
  • Decent implementation. You probably won't notice but miss these functions.
  • If you are using the white or amber Pipboy overlay, I recommend to install the FAT Lucky 38 - Icon Pack as well. It adds colored map-marker for better orientation. If you get used to it, you'll navigate way quicker on the world map.

How to install
With NMM, FOMM or manual.- download & open zip
- copy file "FasterAccessToLucky38.esp" into the "Data" directory of the game
- if you are using the Icon Pack, copy the folder "textures" into your "Data" dir
- check-mark plugin at your Launcher

Manual uninstall
- uncheck "FasterAccessToLucky38.esp" at your launcher
- to remove the Icon Pack, simply delete the icon files from your "Data" dir
--> go to \Data\Textures\interface\icons\world map\
----> delete the files you want to delete (all or just a few)

Similar Mods which plant a map marker in front of the Lucky 38 already have been done. But F.A.T. Lucky 38 also changes two scripts which handle how the doors and elevator work to speed it up a bit. Since you barely need to poke around on other Lucky 38 floors, you can skip the whole Casino-&-Elevator-part on entering or leaving the building without missing much. You still can access any floor you like from the player suite.

  • You must "discover" the Map-Marker first before you can directly jump to Lucky 38.
  • If you have never spoken to Mr. House, the door effect is not active.
  • The mod tries not to break with the quest-line. So Mr. House may still restrict your access to other floors during the story line.

Since the Pipboy has 4 different color overlays, which are amber (default), white, green and blue, I excluded the Icon Pack from the Main File and added it as optional download. Due to the overlays the icons may look very different in game. While they look great under amber and white, they lose all the advantage under green and blue.
These icons have been changed, from left to right:

city, encampment, factory, military, office, settlement, vault

Have fun!