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The COBRA armor for TYPE3 and SKINNY

Permissions and credits
Name: CobraArmor for TYPE3 & SKINNY NV
( http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=44562 )
Version: 1.3
Date: 10-28-2011
Category: Clothes & Armors
*Fallout NewVegas*
*DIMONIZED Type3 Body Official Release*
or *SKINNY 6 BodyReplacer for Fallout New Vegas*
>>> you just need them for their Type3-Skin-textures ! <<<
Author: Humannature66

a WARNING for the flamers, spammers & trolls:
This mod is basically a matter of taste, and not lore-friendly!
the outfits are done to my personal taste, and i like them the way they are;
i don't need opinions nor senseless or critisizing comments!!
if u don't like this idea or mod, just go without leaving a comment !
i will report every flame, insult or bad comment !
also any kind of Lore-mongering will immediately be reported!!
if you do NOT like this mod: just don't take it;
every dumb comment will be reported, and i will do my best to get u trouble!



This is what you get:
- The *Cobra* for TYPE3 BerryHD (narrowed shoulders), in 3 variations (light, medium, Full);
- The *Cobra* for SKINNY-6, also in 3 variations (light, medium, Full);
- Azarkiowa's GypsyBoots in a lower version, fitted for use on all *Cobra*-versions and both BodyTypes;
- Legwarmers, fitted for the HighHeels, on all *Cobra*-versions and both BodyTypes;

i recommend my *Manicured Nails NV - PEARL SHIMMER*

also my *GLOVES for Manicured Nails NV*

Why HighHeels in the Wasteland?
well, surely not in RL, but this is a game, so what? i love them :)
and for the Lore-friends i have included a variation of Azar's wonderfull GypsyBoots, which can be separately equipped, and fit for both bodies;

The name COBRA?
it was originally intended as personal Skyrim-concept only, but turned out good enough to release imo;
the name 'COBRA'? well ...

compare the colors ...
btw., any babe in such skimpy outfit would have me faster than any snake-bite :D

Where you can find them:
you wanna get them?
go to Junction 15 railway station, it's north of Neil's Shack on the I-15 road;
u will find a wooden crate beneath the ramp ...


if you like this mod: use & enjoy it, or maybe u like to give me a kudos;

if u need help: contact me via pm;


u need to install at least ONE of these two body-replacers:

*DIMONIZED Type3 Body Official Release*

or *SKINNY 6 BodyReplacer for Fallout New Vegas*

(... well, at least the textures are needed to be installed)

Install of this mod

>>>> do NOT install automatically with FOMM! that will cause problems !!!! <<<<
install manually !!!

1. Extract the files to any temporary location.

2. create the required folder structures, as you find it in the mod-pack.

3. Copy the contents into the designated folders:

>> the esp <<

>> the meshes <<
...Data\meshes\HN66\Cobra\T3 Cobra Medium.nif
...Data\meshes\HN66\Cobra\T3 Cobra Light.nif
...Data\meshes\HN66\Cobra\T3 Cobra Full.nif
...Data\meshes\HN66\Cobra\T3 & SK6 Cobra LegWarmers.nif
...Data\meshes\HN66\Cobra\T3 & SK6 Cobra GypsyBoots 3.nif
...Data\meshes\HN66\Cobra\SK6 Cobra Medium.nif
...Data\meshes\HN66\Cobra\SK6 Cobra Light.nif
...Data\meshes\HN66\Cobra\SK6 Cobra Full.nif

>> the textures <<
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra ChainCollar-GLASS-3.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra ChainCollar-GLASS-3_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra ChainMesh Gold.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra ChainMesh_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra GreyLeather Skirt.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra GreyLeather Skirt_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra GypsyBoots black.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra GypsyBoots black_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra GypsyBoots Laces black.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra GypsyBoots Laces black_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra HeelBoot black.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra GypsyBoots Laces black_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra HeelBoot SoleSHINE_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra HeelBootCrystal_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra HipPants Grey.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra HipPants_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra LeatherLeggings black.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra MeshVest_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra SleevesLeather (dull-2)_n.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Cobra SleevesLeatherGrey.dds
...Data\textures\HN66\Cobra\Stulpen5 Anthrazid-2.dds

>>>it is important to use EXACTLY the same folder-structure as it is given in the mod-pack !!!<<<
>>>any little mistake in path or a misspelled foldername will result in a non-working mod !!!<<<

3. use the 'ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated' mod:
or any other sort of validation;

4. activate the esp in FOMM (or whatever launcher u use) when u start the game;

>> if u get a big red exclamation-mark, then a mesh is missing, or in a wrong path;
>> if u have fluctuating colors on an object, then a texture is missing, or in a wrong path;

for the accessories i used these bodyslots:
the boots: Choker
the legwarmers: BodyAddOn3

1. Delete the folders and the esp associated with the mod.

none that i know of;
i just added the suits and accessories, and 'tweaked' a ... friend ;)

btw., for the accessories i used these bodyslots:
the Boots: Choker
the Legwarmers: BodyAddOn3

Known Issues or Bugs
none that i know of;

You can find me on the nexusforums & newvegasnexus as Humannature66;


Credits & Thanx

Dimon99 for his outstanding 'DIMONIZED Type3 Body Official Release',
and Backsteppo for his incl.'Narrowed shoulder Type3 based Body meshes':
and thx for Dimon's permission to use Type3 as base for the SKINNY-6;
just to state this: without Dimon's creative artwork lots wouldn't play FO3 of FONV anymore;
i love it.

Azarkiowa for his sweet 'Gypsy Outfits V5_0 by Azar':
and his permission to use & reshape his awesome Boots;

Bethesda for creating Fallout3 & NewVegas;

Odile for helping me thru the first steps into the GECK;
LadyMilla for advices in using the G.E.C.K. & Nifscope;

Backsteppo, for 'Some Poses' - what kinda poor pics we would do without them !!

Drayk Cannon for 'The Groovatron' ... thx for getting life into our babes!

my deepest Thanks to all of the listed persons and instances;

>>> if i have forgotten anyone - please pm me, and i will immediately add him/her!

>>> if there are mesh- or texture-defects - they are made by my clumsy capabilities, not by the

original authors !!!!!



Tools Used
NIFSkope - http://www.niftools.org/
Blender - http://www.blender.org/
DXTBmp - http://www.softpedia.com
Photofiltre - http://photofiltre.softonic.de/
Gimp - http://www.gimp.org/

NO reuploads on other sites without my permission!!!
Nothing of this stuff is resource material and may NOT resubmitted without my written consent!!!
This includes, but is not limited to derivatives!!!
In ALL cases give credits to all those named above!!!

greetz freddo / Humannature66