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Mojave Nights combines my Enhanced Night Sky mod with a brand-new, highly detailed moon replacement for complete night-time realism. See the desert stars and moon in their real glory! (Now with FOMOD installer)

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A while ago I created a simple night sky replacement mod for Fallout 3 (Enhanced Night Sky) using real starfield photography as a base. I recently revamped it for a New Vegas release, but not content with that I've complemented it with an ultra-detailed moon texture replacement, and also a plugin which shrinks the moon down to a more realistic size.

Like the night sky replacement, I looked for available high-quality images of the moon, and you may notice that it's no longer a plain round disc - the moon now conforms to its accurate, craggy outline. The border between light and dark during the various phases is also derived from actual photographs, right down to the shadowed cratering.

The the result is Mojave Nights, a combination for complete night-time realism.



There are three main features to this mod:

- High-resolution replacement texture for the night sky (ie, the stars.)

- High-resolution replacement texture for the moon.

- Small plugin which reduces the size of the moon to 80% of normal (a more realistic size.)

All components can be used independently of each other, or in combination with other night sky and/or moon replacement mods (the latest files will over-write the older ones.)

Also available for download is an alternative set of textures for the moon with a lower, more subtle glow.

UPDATE: I've now added a moon resizer pack with various different moon sizes. Pick one of the .esp plugins from the pack to replace the main "Mojave Nights.esp" file (you only need one .esp to be active.) Options included are: 50%, 60%, 70%, 90%, 120%, 140%, 160%, 180%, 200%, 300%, 400%, and 500%.

UPDATE #2: Added a second alternative moon texture pack, this time with a much more pronounced glow. In most cases this will be far too bright, so I can't really provide a reliable preview screenshot, but if you're using a mod combination where the regular Mojave Nights moon is too dim, try this pack instead!

UPDATE #3: After much work (almost three times as much as it took to make the mod itself) I've finally created a complete FOMOD installer for the mod! Includes all options for moon resizing and alternative textures, with matching preview screens. Installation could not be any easier now. :P


This mod should work with any other mod that doesn't modify the moon or star textures. If you've already installed a mod with such textures, simply over-write those files with my mod. Using the included plugin is completely optional, but highly recommended for the desired effect.


Open the FOMOD file with Fallout Mod Manager and activate. Select the options for moon size, moon glow intensity, and whether or not to install the Enhanced Night Sky star textures, and then click Install.


1. Unzip the "textures" folder and the "Mojave Nights.esp" file from the archive into your New Vegas\Data folder.

2. As with all texture replacement mods, enable ArchiveInvalidation if you haven't yet done so.

The easiest way to do this is to install the Fallout Mod Manager (aka FOMM, http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36901) and use the Tools menu to activate it.

Alternatively you could install an archive invalidation mod such as ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated, or set it up manually if you know how.

3. Enable the "Mojave Nights.esp" plugin if you want the moon to be realistically smaller (although you can use just the texture replacements without the plugin, if you prefer.)


Remove the following files from your textures\sky folder:


(And also the "Mojave Nights.esp" file in your Data folder, of course.)


1.0 Initial release


Many thanks to Wei-Hao Wang for the starfield imagery!