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Gives Pip-Boys to NPCs who should have them, but don\'t.

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Now, everyone knows that people from Vaults are given Pip-Boys. So then...

Why the bloody hell do so many NPCs from Vaults not have Pip-Boys?

This mod aims to correct that by giving Pip-Boys to the following NPCs:

* Doc Mitchell
* Chris Haversam
* Sarah Weintraub
* Michael Angelo
* Horowitz
* The three unnamed Vault 34 survivors
* Every unnamed Boomer
* Every unnamed Mini Boomer

Chris Haversam claims he grew up in Vault 34, so I gave him a Pip-Boy.

Sarah Weintraub and Michael Angelo were born in Vault 21, and even still wear their vaultsuits, so they should have Pip-Boys as well.

Horowitz is the only named Vault 34 survivor. The other three are unnamed. I gave all four Pip-Boys.

The Boomers came from Vault 34, but only the named Boomers and a few of the Mini Boomers have Pip-Boys. I fixed that.

I know Doc Mitchell gives you a Pip-Boy at the beginning of the game, but... if you play as a female Courier, he claims the vaultsuit belonged to his wife, so... why couldn't the Pip-Boy have belonged to his wife as well? If people request it, I'll make a version without a Pip-Boy for Doc Mitchell.


As was pointed out to me by Paxton2, Keely, the ghoul from There Stands the Grass, mentions having Pip-Boy that's on the fritz in one of her computer logs. Well, just because it's acting up doesn't mean she'd remove it. I gave her one.

Also, remember Vault 11, where an election for Overseer went awry? There are five survivors evident on the tape you find near the entrance, but you only hear four gunshots. Well, the surviving Vault 11 dweller is an unused character in the game files. In case someone makes mod to add him back in (hint hint), I gave him a Pip-Boy and changed his outfit from a Merc Grunt Outfit to a Vault 11 Jumpsuit.

It's all available in version 1.1.

Credit to me for creating the mod, credit to FNVedit as the tool I used, credit to Obsidian and Bethesda for making the game, and feel free to use this however you want. No permissions or credit needed. It really only took me a few minutes to make.

I'm not sure if the Pip-Boys will show up correctly on the generic Boomers, considering they're leveled NPCs, so please report any bugs.

If I missed anyone, please let me know!