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Pick a weapon to define you - let it gain power as it kills.

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Half the fun of an RPG is constantly trading up for bigger and better weapons. But sometimes, there's a gimmick, a style that just appeals. Sometimes you want to keep using brass knuckles, not some big, ungainly power fist. Sometimes, you want to be the master of dynamite. For times like those, there's...Signature Weapons.

NOTE: The mod requires New Vegas Script Extender! Please get it! And use it! It is necessary, and also desirable!

What this mod provides is an option to focus your character on one specific weapon, and in doing so, increase its effectiveness - increasing the practicality of thematic and/or 'gimmick' playthroughs. By giving up 20% of your earned experience, you can make a weapon your Signature, permitting you to level it up as you make kills with it. You can, of course, use other weapons at any time, without penalty - but also without any of your Signature bonuses, and kills made with other weapons obviously won't count for progress in your Signature, either.

Your signature weapon receives its first 'level up' at 10 kills; each level thereafter requires ten more. That is, two levels requires a total of 30 kills, three levels a total of 60, four a total of 100, and so forth. Each time it levels, you are offered a choice as to what weapon trait you want to improve, as listed below. You get only the listed benefit at each level, not the sum of the benefits - i.e., level 3 Big Boomer is just +100%, not +170%.

Lucky:(3 levels available)

Level 1:+4% critical hit chance (applied after critical multiplier)
+20% critical hit damage

Level 2:+10% critical hit chance
+50% critical hit damage

Level 3:+20% critical hit chance
+100% critical hit damage

Big Boomer:(explosive weapons only)

Level 1:+20% explosion radius

Level 2:+50% explosion radius

Level 3:+100% explosion radius

Bottomless: (ammo-using weapons only)

Level 1: 25% less ammo usage (1 out of every 4 ammo is returned)

Level 2: 50% less ammo usage

Level 3: 75% less ammo usage

Level 4: 90% less ammo usage

Defensive:(melee/unarmed weapons only)

Level 1:+2 DT

Level 2:+5 DT

Level 3:+10 DT

Distant:(thrown weapons only)

Level 1:+50% range/velocity

Level 2:+100% range/velocity

Level 3:+200% range/velocity


Level 1:(Dmg * 1.1) + 1

Level 2:(Dmg * 1.2) + 3

Level 3:(Dmg * 1.3) + 6

Level 4:(Dmg * 1.4) + 10

Level 5:(Dmg * 1.5) + 15


Level 1:Ignore 3 points of DT

Level 2:Ignore 7 points of DT

Level 3:Ignore 15 points of DT

Precise:(Ranged weapons only.)

Level 1:Spread reduced to 66% of original, hit chance +5%

Level 2:Spread reduced to 25% of original, hit chance +10%

Level 3:Spread reduced to 10% of original, hit chance +15%

Level 4:Spread reduced to 2% of original, hit chance +25%


Level 1:15% less AP cost to attack, melee speed +25%

Level 2:30% less AP cost to attack, melee speed +50%

Level 3:50% less AP cost to attack, melee speed +100%


Level 1:25% less Condition damage, +20% reload speed, +20% chance to recover hulls/drained cells.

Level 2:50% less Condition damage, +50% reload speed, +50% chance to recover

Level 3:75% less Condition damage, +100% reload speed, +100% chance to recover

Are these benefits broken/imbalanced? Quite possibly! Especially if you make your Signature Weapon an anti-materiel rifle or summat. It's intended more for making it viable to play through the game with only a straight razor. But hey, it's a single-player game - do what you like!

For the benefit of Mr. Kite, I've also arranged it so that a weapon and its unique counterpart (i.e., Maria/9mm, Chopper/Cleaver, Figaro/Straight Razor) count as the same weapon...so if you plan on happening to coincidentally find a certain unique weapon later, you can still practice with its more commonplace version.

Usage is fairly simple. A few seconds after you start up a game with the mod in place, you should receive a :Signature Settings: book under the Aid section of your inventory. Click it to access controls - when you have no signature weapon set, your only choice is to set your currently-equipped weapon as your signature. When you do have one, you'll be able to see statistics of weapon level, total kills, and kills to your next level, as well as your weapon's current abilities. Since standard Fallout message boxes don't support the %n placeholder for names, I can't actually display -which- weapon is your Signature there...but it is printed to the console when you access weapon statistics, just in case you forget. You also receive a message on equipping/unequipping your Signature weapon.



Q. The mod isn't working/I'm not getting the control book when I start it up!
A. You need the New Vegas Script Extender.

Q. Does this mod work with custom/DLC weapons?
A. Yes.

Q. My weapon stopped leveling up!
A. Get the most recent version.

Q. You should be able to rename your weapon when you make it a signature!
A. Yeah, that'd be nice, but coding limitations make it unfeasible.