1. chucksteel
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    N.V. Interiors Core v2.1.1: (03/02/19)

    • Fixes errors with conditions on NV Interiors custom food items,
    • Minor Bugfixes,
    • Updated Gnome Meshes, 

    N.V. Interiors Combo Edition v1.3.4: (03/10/19)

    • Removed AWOP comparability auto-detect, AWOP updated and removed our one last conflict, 
    • Gomer's Gas and Go is now permanently in Nipton Rest Stop, 

    N.V. Interiors Combo Edition v1.3.3: (03/06/19)

    • Minor Bugfix for compatibility with N.V. Interiors Player Home Themes,

    N.V. Interiors Combo Edition v1.3.2: (03/02/19)

    • Minor Bugfix,
    • Static Gnomes in the Gnome Home are now Activators with comments, 
    • Added an "AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm" auto-detect. If you have AWOP installed, N.V. Interiors will automatically switch the one conflicting cell in Nipton Rest Stop to the El Ray Motel exterior.  

    N.V. Interiors Combo Edition AWOP v1.3.1: (Discontinued)
    The AWOP version has been discontinued because of the Auto-detect which was added to the main file. Use the non-AWOP version. If your afraid of the "Missing Mod Warning" change the Non-AWOP versions file name from "NVInteriors_ComboEdition.esm" to "NVInteriors_ComboEdition_AWOP.esm" and you'll no longer get it. 
    The files have always been basically the same with only a few edits. 
    N.V. Interiors NMC Comparability patches v2.0: (03/02/19)
    • Fixes one texture that was not converted from .psd to .dds, (Large only)
    • Cleaned out unintended Mac OS files, "Lesson learned! Don't pack files on my Mac" (All Versions)

    After Publishing TTW Interiors for NV I thought I might as well update N.V. Interiors with some of the new meshes and features I added in that mod. this is a small update with just some fun stuff and minor bugfixes. 
  2. GamerRick
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    I can't open the BSA NVInteriors_Core.bsa with BSAOpt. It says its is corrupted. Any chance I can get the loose files, please?


    It seems to work fine in the GECK though. I can see your meshes and textures there. I already used BSAopt to unpack the game's BSAs. No idea why it won't work with this one.

    This extractor works:
  3. arcsquad12
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    Katz apartments in Westside seems kinda borked. Chandeliers pop through the upstairs floor and several rooms on the main floor have floating beds or stoves.
  4. KalkoenDowny
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    does anyone know if you can use a mod manager to install this or do you have to do this manually?
  5. JaneDoeModding
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    Umm I have the newest version of this and urban installed yet I still have no new buildings in boulder city. Is there a third one I need to download from somewhere?

    EDIT: Umm nvm I figured it out and can't delete this soooo...... REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD COMBO FOR ANYONE ELSE AS STUPID AS ME
  6. DonProtein
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    Thank you for the update! Once again :)
  7. alphatrax
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    Any chance for a version without custom items?
    1. DonProtein
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      Load mod into FNVEdit.
      Remove anything you don't want/don't like.
      Close and save.
  8. Behemoth556
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    Ive got exclamation points in Gomer's Gas and Go.
    1. Izaya
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      The interior of my Gomez's Gas and Go doesn't have a door, just white space so you can't get out of the interior. I went back to an old version and the door was there, so... It's a problem with the newer version I think.
  9. VariableEagle
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    I don't recommend replacing Combo Edition AWOP 1.3.1 with Combo Edition v1.3.3, even if you rename the file to avoid a missing master warning mid-save. I know you said the two plugins were intended to be basically the same with only a few edits but there are a lot of unintentional differences. Some records have swapped formIDs between the two plugins and any dependent plugins (I'm guessing save files would as well) end up mapping references to completely different form types. An AWOP Combo terminal maps to a Combo quest script, just as one example.

    There's also the weird problem of some cells having different block/sub-block assignments than how the engine typically assigns them. I found all these issues when I was trying to make NVInteriors Rewritten compatible with the AWOP Combo plugin. I'm assuming that during the mod's development an older merge script was used, maybe even TESsnip or something. I'm told that can cause some of the things described.

    That said, NVInteriors Core seems perfectly okay to update. I'm going to be cautious and use xEdit's delta patch feature to get Combo Edition 1.3.3's changes compared to 1.3.1, then manually patch AWOP Combo Edition 1.3.1 with the same changes. I'd recommend other people do the same if they were using the AWOP Combo Edition.

    And of course, thank you chucksteel for continuing to support this project!
  10. User_64669016
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    Is NV Interiors Project Addon by Richwizard still compatible with the latest version?
    1. chucksteel
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      Yes, it should be.
  11. theHatInTheCat
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    A sudden update I wasn't expecting at all. A surprise indeed, but a welcomed one