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  1. burnredgrin
    • premium
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    For anyone coming across this tweak as late as I have, this is already fixed in YUP (the unofficial patch you should have anyway). They determined that the typo was 2 for very evil npcs and that 100 for evil npcs was simply unbalanced. So its changed to +200 karma for very evil and +5 for evil. I suppose you could get this if you preferred the 1 karma gain instead of 5, but at a costly esp slot.
  2. The4X
    • member
    • 21 posts
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    WOW! I Can't believe this. 100 for evil and 2 for very evil!!! Thanks for an eye opener. Now i need to calculate how many fiend i've killed by the level of 45 and find a way to substract that ammount of karma. Damn it Beth/Obsidian!
  3. turkmc
    • member
    • 491 posts
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    You should have done a search on this issue before you made this, because this was fixed by another mod long ago:

    1. The4X
      • member
      • 21 posts
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      This is not the same mod at all. Read carefully
  4. Carthaginian
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Which file did you alter to change the Karma?
    I wanna see Karma altered a bit further- because stealing a single burned book drops you worse farther than killing Caesar and Lenius can redeem you!
    Could you further alter things to perhaps make stealing something a -1 instead of a -5; this would balance things out a bit more, making it rather more in line with the mores of society... even post-apocalyptic society.
    1. gothic
      • premium
      • 544 posts
      • 30 kudos
      This mod reduces the karma loss for stealing from -5 to -1

      Steal - less Karma lost by Reveurrr

      Even better this mod reduces stealing from evil Powder Gangers to 0, (but stealing from others good people still have negative results)
      Beyonds Tweaks Take Powderganger Stuff No Karma Loss by beyondwudge

      (I hope he does the same for stealing from Fiends, Raiders and Supermutants)
  5. grasscid
    • member
    • 1,270 posts
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    Great mod, glad to have found this. Almost impossible to have an evil or even neutral character without it.
  6. MrTrigun
    • member
    • 367 posts
    • 12 kudos

    Can I ask how exactly to do this, I'd like to make my own adjustment(5 for Evil character, 10 for VEvil character), at least so to balance out the stealing loss.

    Hey there. If you haven't figured it out yet, here's how to do this. Open your GECK and go to Gameplay > Settings. Then in the new window search for fKarmaModKillingEvilActor and fKarmaModKillingVeryEvilActor and change their values to your liking.
  7. Veya
    • member
    • 305 posts
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    Can I ask how exactly to do this, I'd like to make my own adjustment(5 for Evil character, 10 for VEvil character), at least so to balance out the stealing loss.
  8. dizzyman
    • member
    • 33 posts
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    Nice fix, will endorse.
  9. jletter
    • supporter
    • 4 posts
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    DISREGARD (See edit)

    Unfortunately, doens't seem to work, for whatever the reason, in that it *completely* removes the karma from taking out an evil NPC. Or at least some.
    Using player.getav karma I checked to see what it was before taking on some powder gangers, and then checkeg again after. Unmodded, it gave the standard (and ridiculous) 100 per person. With the mod, however, there was 0 change: not 1, not 100, just a big ol' 0.

    Nothing else changing karma in the mod list, and as I said, I checked without this and they behaved as the proper "evil" type. So, any thoughts on why it's not working? (Because I'd love to get it installed, as the default 100 is insane.)

    EDIT: It is, in fact, working properly. In case anyone else comes new to the game without knowing this (like me):
    It seems running straight into someone like the powder gangers and fighting them head on means you won't gain karma from taking them down, whereas sneak attack kills will give you the karma. Maybe the faction status changes override any karma changes? At any rate, it's an issue with the game, not this mod. Hooray.
  10. lanep25
    • member
    • 252 posts
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    that's some typos they made. no wonder the karma in the game is all f-ed up. Very little options to do evil and 100 karma when kill fiends/ghouls that are trying to kill ya. Go figure.