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A new, modern building.

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Building Resource



This is the successor to my previous mod "Interior Resource" (www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14356). Unlike it's predecessor, this resource contains both exterior- and interior models and is set up to not require an interior cell.

The Base04.esp file adds an example of the building south-west of the Northern Passage, in a cell named 4Base. This contains automated doors but no furniture or navmesh.

The plan is to add custom furniture in future updates so please track this file.


Known problems:

Version 1.5 is missing a glass texture. Sorry about that. I've uploaded an update file that adds the texture.

No nav-mesh, leading to weird NCP behavior. I have tried to make a nav-mesh and I might upload what I have in the next update.

Building is invisible from afar. LOD data is troublesome to generate with GECK and will not be done by me.

Textures are very bright when hit by sunlight. This seems to be worsened by having HDR enabled. I do not know if there is a way to lessen the effect and would appreciate suggestions.

General lack of ambient occlusion and shadows. I am looking into how nifs use vertex colour for these effects but have no convenient way of transferring the vertex colour data to the nif format.



You are welcome to improve on this resource and find solutions to the problems mentioned in the section above. If you do, please send me your work so that it can either be linked to as a recommended download or be incorporated in the main file.



1.1 - Furniture Update
1.2 - Furniture Update
1.3 - Furniture Update
1.4 - Furniture Update
1.5 - Furniture and Texture Update