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A Compilation of my melee series. Adds 20 new, fully animated, crafted melee weapons.

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Bingles Melee Complete

I recently discovered a youtube video that showcases everything in this mod. I did not make this video, but I feel the author did a very nice job. You can view the video here:

Update Version 1.4
I have included 2 alternative ESPs that add these weapons to NPC inventories. "BinglesMelee4Every1Common" adds them to all melee weapon users. "BinglesMelee4Every1Rare" adds these weapons to just a handful of places, maintaining a certain level of rarity. further details in the readme.

Update: version 1.3
I have included a complete replacement for all the vanilla 2 handed melee animation files. This has resolved the issues of NPCs and Companions being unable to show the weapon animations properly.

I had to manually insert ##VisCtrl nodes into all 58 of the vanilla KFs. To my knowledge, there are no mods for custom melee animations available, but if anyone finds one they wish to make compatible, drop me a comment and I'll nifskope surgery it to work.

Update: Version 1.2
Nothing has changed. I reuploaded the file with a different name to hopefully solve some downloading issues.

Update: Version 1.1
Proton Axe, Engine Block Hammer, Jolly Roger Damage reduced.
Red Hot Damage increased.
Power Axe Health improved.
SubZero, Nitro Sprayer, Frost lance textures Improved.
Player Only removed.
2HMequip Defaulted as override.
No Gore script commands removed.
Copy of "Bingles monster Toughener" included.

Bingles Melee Complete

Howdy Y'all!

So this is a compilation of my melee weapons series. Use this ESP *Instead* of older bingles melee ESPs. All weapons have been upgraded to hires textures.

Nail Bat:
A baseball Bat with nails pounded in it. Just something to tide you over while you look for the parts to the other weapons.
Requires: Repair 10, Baseball bat, 2X Scrap metal.

Jolly Roger:
A Flaming skull club. Nuff said.
Requires: Repair 30, Motorcycle Helmet, Lead Pipe, 50X Flamer Fuel

Power Axe:
An axe made out of a circular saw.
Requires: Repair 30, FireAxe, WoodChipper, Mister Gutsy Sawblade.

Engine Block Hammer:
Its an engine block with a pole screwed in the end... thats on fire.
Requires: Engine Block, Lead Pipe, 100X Flamer Fuel

Nitro Sprayer:
A handheld Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer.
Requires Repair 30, Nitrogen Tank, FirehoseNozzle, 2X Scrap metal

Red Hot:
A Frying Pan Bolted to a Welding Gun. Its actually cooler than it sounds.
Requires: Repair 50, Metal Cooking Pan, Welding Torch, 2X Scrap Metal

Shishkebab MK II:
The shishkebab's bigger brother. Its now a 2 handed sword.
Requires: Repair 50, Bumber Sword, Pilot Light, Motorcycle Handbrake, 100X Flamer Fuel

Thunder Blade:
A 2 handed sword with a cattle prod welded to it. Pulses with Electricity.
Requires: Repair 50, Bumper Sword, Cattle Prod, 2X Scrap Electronics, 100X Small Energy Cells

A two Bladed sword that spews liquid Nitrogen.
Requires 50 Repair, Nitrogen tank, 2X Vertibird Blades, 2X Scrap Metal

Vibro Blade:
A Mechanical sword than bleeds targets like popped water balloons.
Requires: Repair 70, Minigun, Machete, 2X scrap metal

Massacre Saw:
A bigger, nastier Chainsaw. A Redux of my old Fallout 3 mod.
Requires: Repair 70, Chainsaw, Ripper, 2X Scrap metal

Shock lance:
A Spear you can electrocute folks with.
Requires: Repair 70, 2X Combat Knives, Lead Pipe, Cattle Prod, 2X Scrap Electronics, 200X Small Energy Cells

Frost lance:
A Spear that freezes enemies solid.
Requires 70 Repair, Nitrogen Tank, 4X Vertibird Blades, 2X Scrap Metal, Steam Gauge Assembly

Plasma Cutter:
A knife with a blade made of pure energy.
Requires: Repair 90, Ripper, Plasma Pistol, 2X Scrap Electronics, Fission battery

Rocket Hammer:
I've always wanted one of these. The name says it all.
Requires: Repair 90, 10X Repcon Rocket Souvenirs, 4X Missiles, Supersledge.

Proton Axe:
What the hell is a proton axe? I've been asking myself that for years...
Requires: Repair 90, Plasma Rifle, Cattle Prod, 2X Scrap Electronics, Plasma Rifle Magnetic Accelerator

Laser Katana:
A quick one handed twin laser beam sword.
Requires: 100 Repair, Laser Rifle Beam Splitter, 2X Conductors, 2X scrap electronics, Fission battery

Scorch Hammer:
A huge Hammer with blazing plumes of energy.
Requires: 100 Repair, Supersledge, 2X Conductors, 2X scrap electronics, 2X fission battery

Pulse Claymore:
A Massive 2 handed energy blade.
Requires: Repair 100, Plasma Caster High Speed Electrode, 4X Conductors, 2X Scrap Electronics, Fission batteries.

Disruptor Lance:
The thermic Lance's bigger brother.
Requires: 100 Repair, Thermic lance, 4X Conductors, 4X Scrap Electronics, 2X Fission Battery.

A handful of custom items are required to craft a few of these.

*Mister Gutsy sawblades can be found on mister gutsy and mister handy robots.

*Engine Blocks are scattered about the world, I usually grab the one in deputy Beagle's house.

*Vertibirds can now be salvaged for their vertibird blades.

*Fire extinguishers have been replaced by nitrogen tanks. They no longer explode.

*Welding guns can now be picked up.

List of Credits:
All items in this mod come from the New Vegas BSA. All Custom Meshes and Textures are made by me. I did use these wonderful tools:

FOMM (For BSA unpacking)
Blender (For Mesh Manipulation)
Nifskope (For Mesh Manipulation)
DDS Converter 2 (For Custom Textures)
GIMP (For Custom Textures)
GECK (For obvious reasons)

A Hearty Kudos to the developers of all those great programs. And a Kudos to bethesda and Obsidian for making such a fun game.

Terms of Use:
Use my mod for anything you wish. Seriously, I do not mind. I made this mod for my enjoyment, and I uploaded it for your enjoyment.

Well, If you read this far then I hope you enjoy my mod! And if you have any critical feedback or bugs to report, please post them in the comments section.

Happy Trails!

P.S. Here are the item codes. ## stands for the number this mod is in your load order.

##000ADENail Bat
##000ADFPower Axe
##000AE0Engine Block hammer
##000AE1Shishkebab MKII
##000AE2Thunder Blade
##000AE3Massacre Saw
##000AE4Shock Lance
##000AE5Plasma Cutter
##000AE6Rocket Hammer
##000AE8Nitro Sprayer
##000AE9Frost Lance
##000AEAJolly Roger
##000AEBRed Hot
##000AECVibro Blade
##000AEDProton Axe
##000AEELaser Katana
##000AEFScorch Hammer
##000AF0Pulse Claymore
##000AF1Disruptor Lance