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Turns Gun Mart into actual Gun Runners.

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Name: Gun Runners Actually Run Guns (GRARG)
Version: 1.8
Author(s): Ripple

*This mod requires the Gun Runners Arsenal DLC* 

I am not sure how the Gun Runners can corner the majority of ballistic small arms market in the Mojave Wasteland when they are basically shelf clerks operating out of a three room hovel with a gun ATM. This is the faction that the Van Graff's are supposedly struggling against? They seem less like 'Gun Runners' and more like 'Gun Mart.' This mod does 2 things:

1) Adds a Gun Runners caravan that actually travels the Mojave Wasteland, run by Issac's cousin, Mathew..
2) Adds a storage and living area with additional security to the Gun Runners' New Vegas HQ building.

This mod is part of my role-play 'Immersion Fetish Series' along with my 'Atomic Wrangler Sex Workers' and 'Silver Rush Door Guard' mods. The intent is to add details that (I think) should have been in the default game to begin with, that enhances the 'ambiance' of the game RP environment, in an non-intrusive fashion that blends seamlessly into the game.

1) Gun Runners Caravan
While Alexander is responsible for the Gun Runners caravan route along Highway 93, Mathew's caravan travels the I-15. Because the I-15 is closed due to NCR advisory, Mathew's crew will travel to Junction station, just short of crossing the death claws blockade on Sloan, then returning to the Gun Runners HQ building to restock. You can trade with Mathew, but it will require some...persuasion. You can also, of course, attempt to raid the caravan, but be warned: it is well guarded, and most importantly, remember what Alexander said about the Gun Runners caravans....

2) The second and third story of the Gun Runners New Vegas HQ building are now the storage and living area respectively. In the default game, the Gun Runners HQ security was so pathetic that I often wondered why Gloria didn't simply hire a bunch of raiders or fiends to sweep through the building. Aside from the NCR bases, this is (or should have been) the biggest repository of small arms and ammunition in the Mojave Wasteland. It should be impenetrable to anything but a small army or a master thief. I added additional guards and security to the building (and of course, inventory to the storage area), without 'overdoing it.' They still have less thugs than the Van Graffs, but there's now enough guards and defensive security to convey the sense that the Gun Runners are capable of deterring a frontal assault by the Van Graff's or any raider gangs, but not enough for them to take the war to their contenders' doorsteps. The increased security also inadvertently increases the difficulty of one of the missions for 'You Can Depend on Me.' It is still possible to perform the mission stealthily, now it just requires a character who is actually invested in the sneak skill. The challenge level of the mission was a joke in the default game anyway.

If you are suffering from obsessive compulsive RP immersion fetish like me, you might like the other mods in my 'Immersion Fetish Series':

'Atomic Wrangler Sex Workers'

'Silver Rush Door Guard'

1. Extract the files to /Fallout New Vegas/Data/
2. Start the Fallout New Vegas Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

1. Start the Fallout New Vegas Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete GRARG.esp from the /Data/ foldier.
2. Delete all files in the /Data/Sound/Voice/GRARG.esp/ sub-directory.

Incompatibility, issues, or bugs.
As with my other "Immersion Fetish Series' mods, I tried to make minimal edits to the default game in order to maximize compatibility with other mods. In addition to the added NPCs, the only modification to the default game space are the waypoint markers for the caravan route. The storage and living areas added to the Gun Runners HQ building are interior cells independent of the default Gun Runners HQ interior cell, and will not conflict with any mods. I did, however, have to replace the stairwell door in the Gun Runners HQ building with a functional one so I could connect the Gun Runners HQ interior cell to the second and third levels I added.

The Gun Runner caravan guards are dressed in accordance to lore. They are tough and should easily spank any random hostile critters that come across their trade route (although I tried to nav their waypoints to generate a relatively safe route, so they shouldn't come across anything at all). Obviously, if you use a mod that increases the spawn rate or adds new spawn points, your mileage may differ.

The plugin has been checked and cleaned in FNVEdit. Please report any issues.

1.8, 2015/5/20 - ESM-ified the plugin to eliminate any head/body colour mismatch, corresponding changes to resource file directory path.
1.7, 2012/1/16 - Neglected to make 2 of the caravan guards persistent references like the other caravan guards, fixed.
1.6, 2011/11/3 - Version added to support the GRA DLC. Mathew's lever action shotgun replaced with 12.7mm submachine gun.
1.5, 2011/6/25 - Adjusted caravan route to steer away from Fiend territory. Boosted Mathew's traits for 'survivability.'
1.4, 2011/6/24 - Adjusted waypoints near Junction Station to be further away from meandering death claws. Raised normal bribe cost. Barter challenge available to lower bribe cost. Replaced some waypoint xmarkers with idle markers. Adjusted appearance of a couple of caravan guards. Fixed Mathew's personal caps appearing in vendor bartermenu.
1.3, 2011/6/23 - Some minor changes with AI packages and brahmin model.
1.2, 2011/6/23 - Added an additional brahmin and caravan guards. Adjustments to NPC dialogues and AI packages. Raised bribe cost.
1.1, 2011/6/23 - Added turrets, for sheer intimidation and persuasive deterrence.
1.0, 2011/6/22 - Initial release.

My username is Ripple both here and on Bethesda's offical FNV forums. You know the rest.

Thanks to the Oblivion/Fallout 3/Fallout: New Vegas modding community for all the guidance and assistance over the years.
Thanks to Obsidian and Bethesda for creating Fallout: New Vegas.