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When you first arrive at the Atomic Wrangler, Francine Garret tells you that there are women in the establishment who provide sexual services, and they are "not slaves." Who or where are these women? This mod adds them.

Permissions and credits
Name: Atomic Wrangler Sex Workers
Version: 1.4
Author(s): Ripple

***Obligatory warning: This mod does NOT contain nude graphics or animations. It's not really doing anything you wouldn't
normally be able to find in the default game. However, technically speaking, it is a 'mature-themed' mod***

So the other day I passed by the Atomic Wrangler Crier in Freeside, and she told me that the Atomic Wrangler was -the- place to go if I was "hungry, thirsty, and horny.' "Hey boss.." Raul whispered to me after hearing that, "...it's been a while since I've...you know. Do you mind if we stop by that place later?"

"It's been a while....since you've exorcised your bowels?" I asked (well, actually, never).

"Not exactly what I am referring to...." He replied.

"It's been a while...since you needed suntan lotion?" I asked.

"Not what I am talking about, boss." He replied.

"It's been a while...since you managed to hit anything with your pistol?" I asked.

"Uh...in a manner of speaking, but not in the way that you think." He replied. "Sex, boss. It's been a while since I've had sex."

Fine, whatever.

So I take some time out from my busy schedule of running the Mojave Marathon to check out this place. I get (run) there and chat up Francine, one of the proprietors of the establishment, who tells me that not only does the Wrangler have staff that offer sexual services, but that the Garrets have a more enlightened company policy than the famed Gomoraah Casino. Here at the Wrangler, the women "are not slaves." They can choose who they will or will not have sex with!

("Oh shit..." Raul mumbles)

Wow, they must be really organized to be able to exert such control over their working conditions and arrangements. But wait, where are they? Not only is the place virtually devoid of paying customers, THERE ARE NO PROSTITUTES IN THE ATOMIC WRANGLER!

"Geez boss...this sucks. I was hoping to at least have the opportunity to be declined and ridiculed by the prostitutes when I ask for their services." I can't read ghoul expressions, but I think Raul was really depressed.

Now, with this mod, there -are- prostitutes at the Atomic Wrangler! Your character -can- have sex with them -if- s/he is sufficiently endowed in the 'charisma department' (I'll leave you to experiment and discover the magic number). They have voiced dialogues, and will respond to you differently depending on your character's charisma. You see, unlike their exploited sisters and brothers at the Gomorrah Casino, the women at the Atomic Wrangler are unionized! Just because these prostitut....errr, I mean, sex workers are recruited from aging/laid off Gomorrah exployees, reformed Fiends, and a more marginal talent pool than what you might find on the Strip, does not mean they have no standards! Just because they sleep with other men/women for money, does not mean they will sleep with -anyone-!

This mod is for you, Raul, and all your ghoul brethrens

Yes, The Wranlger is gradually staffed by those who perform (fetish) sexual services as you complete portions of the "Wang Dang Atomic Tango" quest. But it makes no sense for Francine to adverise and emphasize the rights of her prostitutes when she does not even have any. The false advertising by the Crier can be explained as a way to attract people to the establishment, but Francine's dialogue cannot...(you are already there, and she's sort of lying to your face). This isn't "Animated Prostitution." So when you have sex with the women, there are no animations. You just get a brief blackscreen (and maybe something else as well...) and less caps in your inventory, just like in the default game. If you want sex animations, or you want to have sex with just about anyone in the game, instead of downloading this mod, you should just use 'Animated Prostitutions' or the handful of other sex animation-related mods. Think of this mod (at least version 1.0) as more of an elaborate 'bug fix' to an default game issue than something that adds new stuff to the game.

My reasons for making this:

I made this mod because I've become an 'immersion fanatic.' It really annoyed me there was missing staff at the Wrangler that contradicted Francine Garret's dialogue. I am -really- obssessed with these sort of details because they impact the 'immersion factor.' I also think the game is insanely depopulated of NPCs. I wasn't interested in watching simulated sex in game, or have sex with everyone in game. I just wanted to address the annoying bug of the 'missing women' from the Atomic Wrangler. So I made this for my own personal use.

If you are suffering from obsessive compulsive immersion fetish like me, you might find some of my other mods useful:

'Gun Runners Actually Run Guns'

'Silver Rush Door Guard'

Questions and Answers
Question: How do I have sex with the prostitutes?

Answer: Some of the prostitutes require you character to have a certain charisma score or better, while the mutant will only service your character if your character is not that much better looking than a ghoul. If your character does not have sufficient charisma score to....score with the prostitutes, you can use chems or stats enhancing apparels to boost your character's charisma. Alternatively, each of the female sex workers will respond to certain...'stimulants', and will have sex with your character once per day in spite of how repulsed they might be by your character. It's up to you to attempt to discover what those....'stimulants' are. The male sex worker will have sex with anyone, regardless of their charisma score, because he's a REAL MAN.

Question: Will the next version of the mod have more prostitu...errr, I mean sex workers? Maybe you can write a script that allows the player character to get sexual services for free once a day after completing the Garrets missions? Compatiblity with 'Animated Prostitution'? Maybe the player character can recruit more people hoping to earn enough to enter the Strip, reformed Fiends and raiders, and aging/laid off Gomorrah employees, Strippe....uh, I mean exotic dancers? Lights? Poles?

Answer: Next version? What? Really though, if you want sex and animations, I recommend 'Animated Prostitution.' This mod is for really anal-retentive players who are obsessed with attention to details and immersion, who just can't bear to walk into the Atomic Wrangler again and wonder to themselves "wait, something's missing. What was it that Francine Garret said about prostitutes?" It doesn't aim to accomplish more than that. So, no (and no).

Question: Do you hate unions? Do you look down on collective organizing? Do you know there are sex workers who self-organize for safety and health reasons?

Answer: No, no, yes. It's just a mod, that allows you to have pretend sex with some female NPCs in exchange for bottle caps, for a video game where you are likely to spend a lot of time killing people. There is nothing 'politically-correct' about this, so please don't take my description of the mod too seriously.

1. Extract the files to /Fallout New Vegas/Data/
2. Start the Fallout New Vegas Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

1. Start the Fallout New Vegas Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete AtomicWranglerSexWorkers.esp from the /Data/ foldier.
2. Delete all files in the /Data/Sound/Voice/AWSW.esp/ sub-directory.
3. Delete all files in the /Data/Sound/fx/AWSW/ sub-directory.

Incompatibility, issues, or bugs.
This mod should be compatible with mods that modify the player suite at the Atomic Wrangler. It may even be compatible with mods that overhauls the Wrangler, as long as those mods do not edit the portion of the balcony where the prostitutes are located. It is definitely compatbile with xMrAx's "Populated Casinos" which adds gamblers and patrons to all casinos, including the Atomic Wrangler. I know that because I am running the 'medium' version of that mod.

The plugin has been checked and cleaned in FNVEdit. Please report any issues.

1.4, 2015/5/20 - ESM-ified the plugin to eliminating any head/body colour mismatch, corresponding changes to resource file directory path.
1.3, 2011/11/11 - reverted mutant sex worker back to nightkin. Added male sex worker. Added 'alternative methods' to procuring services from female sex workers for characters with low charisma.
1.2, 2011/6/5 - Renamed plugin. Added AI package to mutant and aesthetic modifications.
1.1, 2011/6/5 - Added an additional...NPC.
1.0, 2011/6/5 - Initial release.

My username is Ripple both here and on Bethesda's offical FNV forums. You know the rest.

Thanks to the Oblivion/Fallout 3 modding community for all the guidance and assistance over the years.
Thanks to Obsidian and Bethesda for creating Fallout: New Vegas.