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Allows your DLC followers to become permanent companions.

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This mod simply allows you to go back to DLC locations and retrieve your followers, who will now follow you like any other vanilla companion.

Now with Ulysses from Lonesome Road-
If you resolved things peacefully with Ulysses, you will find him at the vista, just inside the Canyon Wreckage overlooking The Divide.
I left his ugly mask on, but made it playable, so if you think it's awful like I do, you can remove it. I gave him a somewhat similar "true" face, and a wig of his regular hairstyle.
Has not been exhaustively tested but seems to work well enough.
He will still have all of the regular post-quest dialog that the non-follower has, some of it, like asking why he is "here", or asking about stuff he found in the Courier's Mile, are only available when he is un-hired.
No voices, it is too much of a PITA. If someone else wants to do it I will be happy to give you instructions.
The only difference between 1.0 and 1.1 is that 1.1 has a mastered esp, so that he will actually be black (vanilla problem with NPCs added by plugins).
Please report issues in the comments.

Thanks to Mahare for providing voices for Dean and Waking Cloud. They are available under optional files. Give him kudos.

DM 1.5 - Adds Dean Domino as a re-recruitable companion. Go back to his apartment to pick him up.
Christine can be found in her Sierra Madre suite.
You will need to go get her before you leave, or else you'll need a mod to allow you to return to Sierra Madre.
Various bug fixes

HH 1.4 - Adds L38 functionality to Waking Cloud and JG.

Waking Cloud
Full Burned Man Race
Burned Man voices

Joshua Graham can be found in Angel Cave, possibly cleaning his guns.
You need to re-enter Zion or at least walk around the reward chest to enable him.

He will give his 'way of the caananite' perk.
No perk for Christine, it doesn't make sense without the collar.

Feel free to use these files as a base for your own companion expansion mods.

Christine requires Dead Money DLC
Joshua Graham requires Honest Hearts DLC *and* "Authentic Burned Man" by RocketLombax (http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41974)

Extract contents to New Vegas\Data directory

Rocketlombax for Authentic Burned Man
Mahare for providing Dean/Waking Cloud voices
Use as you please as long as you credit those above.