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This redesigns Joshua Graham, The Burned Man, to much more closely match his appearance in the game art. Now he actually looks burnt!

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<warning>&gt; Requires the Honest Hearts DLC! Will not function without it!! <warning>&gt;<br><br>Name: Authentic Burned Man<br>Version: 1.0<br>Date: 5/24/2011<br>Category: Models and Textures<br>Author(s): Rocket<br>Website: <br><br>Description<br>===========<br>This replaces the textures of Joshua Graham, a.k.a. The Burned Man, with ones that better reflect the <br>character art. Also fixes the head bandages so that they not only conform to differing head shapes, but <br>also makes it react to mouth and jaw movement like real bandages would.<br><br><br>Details<br>=======<br>Joshua Graham now actually looks like he's suffered severe burns and his bandages, both on his <br>head and body, look like gauze like they're supposed to. The new design and details are meant to <br>closely mirror that of the Burned Man we see on the Honest Hearts DLC cover. <br><br>Please note that anybody who has mods making Joshua Graham's clothing playable will no longer be <br>able to see the head wrap. However, if you use the console to go into the character creation screen, <br>(showracemenu) the head wrap will be available under the "Facial Hair" tab. Oddly enough, that's <br>the only way to get it to react to mouth movements. This also allows you to wear any hat with the <br>wrap as well. You'll need a bald hairstyle to use the wrap properly though. I may include that later for <br>those who don't have any mods that add one. There's also a copy of the default male eyebrows so <br>they can be added again when you decide you don't want to wear the wrap anymore. <br><br><br>Install<br>=======<br>This one's easy to install. Just drop the "Better Burned Man.esp" and it's matching "Better Burned <br>Man - Main.bsa" into your data folder. Activate the mod in your mod manager of choice.<br><br>Requires the Honest Hearts DLC to function. <br><br><br>Uninstall<br>=========<br>Simply delete the .esp and .bsa files associated with the mod.<br><br><br>Known Issues or Bugs<br>====================<br>None yet. Tell me if you find some.<br><br><br>History<br>=======<br>- 5/24/11<br>First version. May not even need to make future updates. <br><br><br>Credits<br>=======<br>Couldn't have been made without the <br>help of:<br><br>Blender<br>NifSkope<br>The Conformulator<br>Adobe Photoshop<br><br>And it definitely wouldn't have been <br>possible without Bethesda and Obsidian.<br><br><br>Tools Used<br>==========<br>- Blender<br>- Adobe Photoshop<br>- NifSkope<br>- The Conformulator<br>- NV GECK<br><br><br>Licensing/Legal<br>===============<br>I normally wouldn't mind sharing my work <br>freely, however due to the guarded <br>nature of DLC materials, the armor <br>textures may not be reused. The skin <br>textures though can be used however <br>you see fit. If anybody wants to make a <br>full burned body and make a playable <br>race out of it too, more power to you.<br><br></warning></warning>