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  1. tapioks
    • supporter
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    Poco Bueno vs. Vanilla
  2. barjar22
    • member
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    A lot of flickering textures this mod was responsible for, had to remove it.
  3. JDWebber
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     I keep getting a could not find path.


    When I try to activate.
  4. NukaRex
    • member
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    if i want to generate lod from legacy reborns texture pack, should i delete the lod folder in this pack and NMCs?
  5. Grifman
    • member
    • 12 kudos
    I have the worst luck with this mod and it's bigger brother, Ojo Bueno.  I played a modded FNV years ago, but with this mod the game kept crashihg/freezing so I had to get rid of it.  But that was understandable, PC's weren't as powerful and the stability tools then weren't what we have now.

    But now, even though I have a very powerful PC, I still can't get either of these two mods to run.  I enter Chet's store, and the game locks up on a black screen.  Now I can enter the saloon without a problem but no luck getting into Chet's  I've tried every level of texture for Ojo and then used Poco.  Same thing, freezing when entering Chet's store.  Man, I wish I could figure this out, as I really like the saturation and color in this mod.
    1. bustatunez
      • member
      • 19 kudos
      Very late reply to you: I'm 99% sure this texture pack isn't the cause of your issues. I can run it just fine and go wherever I want without a crash, and my PC is only moderately strong. Do you have the latest xNVSE and bug fix mods installed (like NVAC, 4GB Patch, YUP, JIP, JohnnyGuitar, Unofficial Patch Plus)? Are you using MO2? To me it just sounds like you're missing essential fixes that keep the engine from imploding, or maybe you just forgot to uninstall something that's leading to an unknown conflict.
    2. FFantasykid69
      • premium
      • 10 kudos
      Im having this same exact issue and all im using is NMC text pack
  6. SkurpTheYurp
    • member
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    can i get an actual list of all of the textures this pack *doesnt* edit? trying to make a hybrid of this and NMC small for my own use possibly, and id like it to cover pretty much the entire game outside of mob weapon and effect textures. (still dont know how the LOD patches will work for this hybrid though.. that would be 4 less plugins to run however)
  7. ToBeBruhed
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    • 14 kudos
    Does anyone know which file contains the skeleton textures? I really would rather have vanilla and I want to hide them lol
  8. phyzis
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  9. FallWindown
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    Em que botão eu ativo o Poco Bueno?
  10. sofinedevine
    • premium
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    For some reason, downloading and installing this ruined the LOD textures of Rock and Cliffs in my game.
    1. maybakhbereh
      • member
      • 14 kudos
      did you generate your own lods?
    2. BalticaMan
      • member
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      I have the exact same problem and I generate my own lod, i don't wot happen :(
    3. ARandomCustomer
      • member
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      What I recommend is that you take a look at this guide here https://vivanewvegas.github.io/lod.html . What that'll do is take you to a mod guide that'll run you through how to generate your own LOD, but seeing as you seem to know how to do that it's the patches it lists that I want you to look at , just follow the instructions and you should be okay. I recommend you use some sort of mod manager (I prefer Mod Organiser), then make sure to load your patches for the LOD directly under your generated LOD and your generated LOD files should be under your texture pack in the load order. SO it'd look something like this:
      (Texture Pack FIles)
      (Generated LOD FIles)
      (LOD patches)
      Hope this helps and I hope this isn't too late.
      Note: It seems that for the guide you'll have to use organiser for which I shall provide a link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6194?tab=files
      Another Note: Manually installing your Texture pack+Generated LOD files+LOD patches into your Fallout Data Folder might've caused some of the issues you mentioned (probably because the mods might be overwriting each other and causing problems as a result) IF you installed them manually in the Data folder. (I've done that enough times with NMCs texture pack to find that out :) )
      If you are having trouble installing mod organiser here's a link: https://vivanewvegas.github.io/mo2.html#installing_mo2
      And that's that.
  11. CJONO
    • supporter
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    Does this mod affect the sky at all? I started a vanilla save of new vegas and the sunlight seems to have a slight pixelated texture to it. My TV is HD so I'm just wondering if its something I never noticed before and if this mod can make it look less crap lol
    1. Avolnall
      • member
      • 26 kudos
      It doesn't affect the sky. Something like this is what you need.