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Places Corgi in the wastelands and provides a reusable resource.

Permissions and credits
Corgi Companions are out:

I am glad alot of people love their dog breeds enough to want them in game, but please if you have a request make it in the comment sections. I made a Corgi because I own and love my Corgi, I may do more dog breeds but right now I am swamped.

Version: 1.2:
Change mesh folder structure and tried to solve the npc not appearing problem a few people are haveing.

When updateing please do a clean save, uncheck the .esp go in game and save.
Please delete your Meshes-> 1Corgi folder
I am sorry but you will need to redo any companions/npc you have made.


Because of the nature of this mod, I am not responsible for any injury that may occur from the sheer insane amount of cuteness.

Symptoms that may occur are:
Decaying teeth
Theft of Food
English accents
Need for tea
The word Crumpet

If you experience any of the above, then the mod is working. Thank you.


Lore: Yes I know that all pure breed dogs are supposed to be gone in Fallout, so no its not lore correct... unless the English herded a small group of Corgi into a fancy vault. :P

This is mainly a modders resource, it includes 6 different Corgi meshes along with 11 different coat colors and 15 different hats/goggles/collars to choose from.

The .esp provided is a showcase placing 11 different Corgi throughout the in game world, if you are a evil SOB
who sides with Powder Gangers and enjoys murdering things please keep in mind the Corgi are set to essential and will protect their towns and factions.

There are 2 different Corgi breeds included, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Pembroke
come with 4 mesh choices and the Cardigan comes in 2.

1nivCorgiC#.nif = Cardigan
1nivCorgiCF#.nif = Cardigan Floppy Ear
1nivCorgiD#.nif = Pembroke Docked Tail (tail removed)
1nivCorgiDF#.nif = Pembroke Floppy Ear Docked Tail
1nivCorgiT#.nif = Pembroke Tail Version
1nivCorgiTF#.nif = Pembroke Floppy Ear Tail Version

1nivCorgiEyesBB.nif = Brown/Blue Eyes
1nivCorgiEyesBL.nif = Blue Eyes
1nivCorgiEyesBR.nif = Brown Eyes

Why do the Cardigan not have a docked tail mesh? Because the AKC standards require Cardigan to have a a tail, thus they are never docked. Pembroke AKC standards require the docking of tails to be considered show quality, since Pembroke traditionally had their tails docked for work requirements.

I added tailed Pembroke because I do not believe dogs need to have their tails docked, unless they are still being used for the purpose that needed the tails removed in the first place.

Mojave Outpost
Primm NCR Base
188 Trading Post
Boulder City
Crimson Caravan
Freeside North
Fort Mormon
Vegas Strip
Jacobs Town

Suggested Companion Mods

Cafe Of Broken Dreams - Dogmeat (can not be made essential, I use the resurrect console command in game):

devinpatterson's wolf/coyote companions:

Open the mods in Geck and find the Creature (FFEU255Dogmeat is for the dogmeat mod)
Modellist -> Select your Corgi as you would like.

I suggest setting their scale around 0.70 to 0.80 while still kinda large looking this will allow them to get over most obstacles except stairs.
If you do not know how to set scale for things in gecko, open the console in game ~ button then click on your Corgi and type setscale 0.70
0.78 is good for wandering npc, 0.70 is good for companions and 0.80 is good for following npcs.


Fallout New Vegas (current patch maybe needed)


Extract all files to your data folder.
If you are asked to overwrite files under meshes and textures, select 'yes to all'.


1.0 - Release.
1.2 - Changes mesh folder set ups, edited .esp

Known Bugs & Issues:

Because of their size they can become stuck on debris at times, they can normally free themselves. But they WILL
get stuck on stairs, there is really nothing I can do about that sadly.

There is some tongue clipping when panting animations play, I will work on fixing that.

Clipping with hats, there is some clipping with the items the Corgi can wear. It was either horrible stretching or slight clipping, I chose clipping.

They do NOT dismember.

Some people can not get them to show in game, I dont know why and I have searched for hours and still no idea... just make sure your updated to the lastest patch, and your other mods are set up to work with that patch. It could be a problem with your save game after updateing, I really dont know and I am sorry.


Xio: For the Mad Max dog texture I used.

WatersMoon110: For the white dog texture I used as a base in some of my textures.

Sinblood: For the collar mesh I butchered to fit the dogs.

gorow333: For the Bandana.

lordinquisitor: For the much better SSBottleCap texture.

Metal textures from:


This is a resource, please feel free to use them in your mods. I only require three things, firstly credit me and those in the CREDITS & PERMISSIONS section.
Secondly if your planing on making a Corgi massacre mod, or adding them to a mod for the sole purpose of killing them you need to contact me first.
Last since this is a mod for New Vegas, if you want to use them in a FO3 mod please contact me before hand.


You can find me on many different forums, all under the same name Nivea I check all my mail often.

Official oblivion forum: user=66980

Closing Words

Before buying a Corgi in real life please do your research, they are not for everyone. Corgi can be very vocal dogs and hyper aware of sounds, this can cause problems for people who do not like or do not know how to deal with such issues. They also shed like crazy, I never knew so much fur could come off a dog.

Please do not buy a puppy from a pet store, there are plenty of Breeders and Corgi rescue groups that will not
support puppy mills.