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Last updated at 2:32, 3 Jun 2011 Uploaded at 1:52, 9 May 2011

If updateing please do a clean save first, uncheck the .esp go in game and save then recheck .esp. Take any items from your Corgi first.

New as of 1.0:

I have added new commands for the Corgi, you can now send them to goodsprings, Lucky 38(when you have it), and a new command to set "home" as any place you want and have them return there.
You can now ask the dogs to wait or stay, when waiting they will wonder around in a small area, when they are asked to stay they will stay in one spot and should not move.

New food options have been added:
Gecko Meat
Gecko Steak
Grilled Mantis

New Corgi Treat recipes have been added as well. Why Buffalo Gourd Seeds? Because they have pretty much no other uses, I have tons of them in my inventory and nothing to make.

Doggy Carrot Treats: Carrots and Buffalo Gourd Seeds
Doggy Bighorner Treats: Bighorner Meat and Buffalo Gourd Seeds
Doggy Brahmin Treats: Brahmin Meat and Buffalo Gourd Seeds
Doggy Gecko Treats: Gecko Meat and Buffalo Gourd Seeds
Doggy Sweet Treats: Fancy Lad Snack Cakes and Buffalo Gourd Seeds


This mod adds 4 (you can have all 4 at once) fully voiced Corgi companions to the game. They do not use the companion wheel, they are simple companions and I don't think need it. Each dog comes with their own special summon bone, when equipped it will call the Corgi to you no matter where you last lost or left it.
The summon bones are in their inventory (take them for yourself), if you loose them you can find disturbed dirt (container) behind Doc Michells house that has extra.

I even added a "evil" more grumpy Corgi named Lechter... yes after that Lechter.

You can find them:
Max: Goodsprings: Near the bighorners
Winsten: Mojave Outpost: around back near the benches
Lechter: Nipton
Misha: Gibson Scrapyard

Fire to goodsprings (will add more options later on)
Feed them (this is for Roleplay only, they do not die if not fed.)

List of foods they can eat:

Bighorner Meat
Bighorner Steak
Brahmin Meat
Brahmin Steak
Fresh Apples
Fresh Carrots
Iguana Bits
Iguana on a Stick
Dog Meat
Human Flesh

Changing Names/Looks

You can easily change each of the dogs looks and names:
Open mod in Geck -> Actors -> creature -> animal -> dog

Open 1nivCorgiComp1-4 change name only, not ID!

Modellist: uncheck what you do not want and check what you do.

Done, very easy... I will not make these changes for you.


Its a Dogs World - Corgi: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41651
You need the models and textures (the .esp will work with the companion mod but is not needed) from this mod, if you get yellow ! in game its because you didn't get this mod!

Fallout New Vegas: current patch needed


Extract all files to your data folder.
If you are asked to overwrite files under meshes and textures, select 'yes to all'.


0.5 - Beta

1.0 - Added new functions stay/home/wait, and new foods.

Known Bugs & Issues:

They can all become stuck on stairs, I really can not fix this. If they fall to far behind you can use their summon bone.
Spelling errors...its possible I have a hard time spelling and my grammar is horrible.


FoxtrotZulu: For the companion tut I followed.

majinshinsa: For helping me out in the forums.

lordinquisitor: for the Doggie Treats.


Please contact me before using these dogs in another mod.


You can find me on many different forums, all under the same name Nivea I check all my mail often.

Official oblivion forum: http://www.bethsoft.com/absorbs/index.php?show user=66980
Nexus: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/modules/members/index.php?id=55918