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Set "Object Fade Distance" to 1 or less.



"You've heard of the Sierra Madre Casino. We all have, the legend, the curses. Foolishness about it lying in the middle of the City of the Dead, buried beneath a blood-red cloud. A bright, shining monument luring treasure hunters to their doom."

The events presented in Dead Money which happened in the Sierra Madre weren't it's end, though.* Like everything and everyone pulled there, Sierra Madre also, in its apparent benevolency, "let go" of it's past, and set off to "begin again"... on the Strip.

*The cause of Sierra Madre's appearance on the Strip is essentially a "blank slate". To avoid conflicts with lore, tastes and preferences, one can fill this "slate" with whatever he or she wants. Whether it is the real Sierra Madre near the Boneyard, transported to the Vegas in one way or another, or essentially a reconstruction, built before or after the war...

...Feel free to "let (your imagination) go" and "begin again" in the Sierra Madre... On The Strip.


I decided to create this mod for two reasons. Firstly, The Strip in vanilla game is pitifully small: there are three functional casinos, the rest is filled with train station and a friggin workshop, and yet it STILL covers only a part of what it should judging from the size of walled-off terrain in the Wasteland. Just go take a look. Secondly, I felt that Sierra Madre was a horribly wasted potential: The Villa had great climate, but almost nothing was accessible from there, and developers didn't seem to bother with differing the districts at all. They also didn't seem to bother with Casino itself - two blackjack tables and restaurant with no restaurant just doesn't work. The idea was awesome, but the execution was severely lacking. And the execution is what this mod covers.
Sierra Madre On The Strip expands the southern part of the Strip, recreating the Sierra Madre Casino & Villa Resort as the fourth, and adding Sierra Madre "American Dream" as the fifth casino there. Unlike the other ones, managed by Three Families, the Hologram system does all the work on the resort terrain. The aim is to make the New Vegas Strip a truly a jewel of the Mojave.


-A fully functioning pristine Sierra Madre Casino on the Strip, along with its Villa Resort, as well as Sierra Madre's satellite "American Dream" Casino
-Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and high stakes Caravan players
-Brand new interiors inside the Sierra Madre, as well in surrounding Villa and American Dream
-Old interiors relighted, repopulated and restored
-Frederick Sinclair's Penthouse on the top floor along with Recreation Area on the Sierra Madre rooftop
-Various unique services


Sierra Madre comes with Villa underneath the cliffs, providing high-level services to those fortunate enough to make it to the Strip.

-Villa Clinic

The best customer is a healthy customer - the Clinic offers treatment with pristine Mark IX Auto-Doc machines, as well as various medicaments for the future use.

-Villa Armor Shop

The Armor Shop provides the best possible defense against the outside world. Scavenged combat armors, Pre-war Sierra Madre security armors, even the amazing cloaking devices - all for the reasonable price!

-Villa Restaurant

Enjoy some of the most delicious, as well as nourished meals and lunches in the Mojave Wasteland.

-Villa Bar

Take a seat and rest your weary bones with what our bar specializes in - the widest selection of alcohols in the west.

-Villa Café

Meet fellow travelers in front of the best possible selection of desserts and soft drinks.

-Villa Gift Shop

Ever wanted to make a stunning present? Give your friend a fancy pre-war trinket! Provide entertainment for your closest ones a Sentry Bot toy! Outfit yourself with the classy clothes! Tinker with untouched pre-war technology!

-Villa Conservatory

Take pleasure in sightseeing the lush plants and rarest flora specimens selected specially to cater for your eye' needs.


Everyone can agree that what we saw inside the Sierra Madre itself was a disappointment. Aside from being unable to revisit it after the DLC's completion, while the facility offered many interesting interiors, none of them was done properly. This mod also try to fix this - using fantastic resources of Dead Money, Sierra Madre Casino was expanded in every aspect, enclosing it to "the most extravagant resort in the West" it was supposed to be.

-Sierra Madre Lobby

Your chance to begin again... with many choices. Casino, Theater, Restaurant, Suites, Vending Machines... Everything awaits for you here.

-Sierra Madre Casino

Exchange bottle caps, NCR dollars, Legion coins and complimentary vouchers for Sierra Madre Chips and try your best - Begin again and win fortunes here!

-The Tampico

The Tampico theater is here to entertain, featuring Dean Domino himself (well, at least his hologram) to play various, even if not entirely his own, songs.

-Executive Suites
Designed to shelter and protect travelers, Executive Suites are offering the most luxurious rest one can imagine.
Rumor says a shady person has recently rented one of them...

-Cantina Madrid Reception

Aside from reception, kitchen is also located there. The finest recipes from all over the Mojave were brought to satisfy the most sublime tastes.


-Sierra Madre Casino Great Hall

The heart of the Sierra Madre Casino. Aside from Slots, Blackjack and Roulette, there are also a high-stakes Caravan players, ready to try their best at the hand of it.

Accessible from Casino.

-Cantina Madrid

When I saw that there was no Cantina Madrid in the Cantina Madrid area, I was shocked how half-aced job the Obsidian did with this. Now, as the finest restaurant in the West, Cantina Madrid offers most sublime delicatessen and fricasses possible at the Sweden tables, surpassing even the Ultra-Luxe Gourmaud in the quality aspect while avoiding the pitiful snobness of those pompous fools.

Accessible from Cantina Madrid Reception.

-Ibiza Nightclub

For those unsatisfied with the Tampico performances, the Ibiza Nightclub allows one to endulge him/herself in companionship of the most beautiful dancers to satisfy your eyes.

Accessible from Casino.


The Sierra Madre founder's Frederick Sinclair's residence, the Penthouse consists of the Great Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office and Master Bedroom, as well as Pool, Bar and Cabanas on the Sierra Madre rooftop, and observation area from the Sierra Madre peak.

Accessible from Executive Suites.

-CASINO (uses Sierra Madre casino data)

-Why does American Dream uses Sierra Madre holograms and casino data?

From the Fallout world point of view, holograms did a great job with Sierra Madre Casino services, and there is no point in recruiting human personel. There are only 'Three Families', and recruiting more humans may cause various problems regarding lore.

From the technical, utilizing holograms takes care of the voice acting problems, the nightmare of many modders. In addition, Sierra Madre Casino data seems like the best bet. I could create custom American Dream casino data, but not only it would take much time, it would also cause many problems regarding player-made casino datas, as the game for some reason hates them. Besides, the winnings limit is already set incredibly high, so another jackpot to break felt, in my opinion, unnecessary.


-Casino, Lobby and Cantina Madrid reception area were cleaned.
-Cashier exchanges Caps, Legion coins and NCR Dollars for Chips instead of Pre-War Money. Exchange rate is 1 Chip - 1 Cap, or equivalents in Legion and NCR currencies.
Slots and Roulette max bet raised to 200 (previous max bet for Slots was 25 chips, for Roulette 100)
Casino Great Hall can be accessed from Casino original interior.
-The Tampico was cleaned, and now Dean Domino’s hologram sings various songs, not necessarily his own, for the audience.
Ibiza Nightclub can be accessed from The Tampico.
-Executive Suites were cleaned of all rubble and Cloud areas. The Holograms were also deactivated (except the security guarding the elevator to Sinclair’s suite). The corridor with elevator to the Vault in Vera Keyes’ suite was walled off - the Vault is no longer accessible by any means. Rumor has it shady person has recently rented one of a suites…
-All interiors were repopulated, relighted and the mess has been taken care of.


1. Copy contents to folder Data in your Fallout New Vegas location on your hard drive,


2. Unpack DeadMoney - Sounds.bsa (Fallout Mod Manager does it)

3. Copy "mus_dlc01_veratheme_01.mp3" from Data/Sound/Songs/radionvdlc01

4. Paste it to Data/Music and Data/Music/OLD folders

5. Extract "nvdlc01_caravan-cards.nif" from DeadMoney - Main.bsa

6. Paste it to Data/Meshes/NVDLC01 folder

This way you'll hear "Begin Again" song by Vera Keyes in Lobby and other sections, and Sierra Madre cards instead of red exclamation marks.


Delete those files mentioned above.

This was a pain in the ace to make. I hope you enjoy it like I do.


Oh and yes, I know that Sierra Madre was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by immortal mutants and poisonous gases. But this potential couldn’t have gone to waste. If you care about canon, like I do, then maybe it was simply rebuilded, with the use of salvaged Sierra Madre materials, or translocated with help of Mr. House and Big Empty technology? Many things are send around the world now, why such great pre-war civilization would be worse?
Plus, if those Vending Machines are capable of reassembling molecules from casino chips into edible food and ammunition, then hey, everything is possible. There is no quest, so you can make up your own story that happened during loading screens.