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Changes Veronica\'s ranged companion weapon from a Guns-skill 10mm Pistol to an Energy Weapons-skill Recharger Pistol.

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UPDATE: Changed to work better with MMUE and other mods which insist on giving Veronica the 10mm Pistol.


If you create a Bashed or Merged patch which includes this mod, make sure that the Form List "NVVeronicaWeapons" does not include Veronica's 10mm Pistol. If it does you will probably experience slowdowns, game freezes, and crashes.

If at all possible this mod should not be part of any Bashed/Merged patch and should be placed near the end of your load order.

The way Veronica has been implemented in New Vegas has been riddled with problems, to say the least. First she was the only companion who didn't level with the player. On top of that, as a companion who is by all accounts a Brotherhood-trained scribe, proficient in Energy Weapons and Unarmed weapons, her ranged companion weapon is a 10mm Pistol. Double-you. Tee. Eff.

This mod corrects that problem by replacing Veronica's 10mm Pistol with a companion version of the Recharger Pistol. Because this weapon is classified as an Energy Weapon it is much more useful in her hands, especially with its relatively high DPS rating.

Don't underestimate this weapon. While it's not as powerful as something like Boone's Scoped Hunting Rifle, it still has a DPS upwards of 90, and that's without the damage boost it gets from Veronica's high Energy Weapons skill. Overall this is a significant boost from her old 10mm Pistol.


Rather than modifying the existing 10mm Pistol Veronica uses, this mod simply replaces it via a script. This means that any mods which alter Veronica's weapon in other ways (such as adding it to the Improved Holdout Weapons list, for sneaking into casinos) will not affect this new weapon. This is intentional, as Veronica's Recharger Pistol has already been added to all lists/etc. it should appear on.

Technically, Veronica still holds on to her 10mm Pistol, so any mods which are dependent on that for some reason will still work. However, the pistol has had its weight set to zero, and due to the inherent superior damage of the Recharger Pistol it is unlikely she will equip the 10mm pistol.