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Gives more perks for challenges

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Gives some of the levelup perks as rewards for completing challenges.

These changes are not retroactive, and you will not get the perks if you have already completed the challenges. Use on a new game for best results.

Really, I just wanted a way to earn free perks for doing stuff, without having it deteremined by my skill level or fully hardcoded. This way, you earn a perk when you complete a challenge. I tried to match all the perks up with a challenge that makes sense, which means most of the challenges still don't have perks. And since I wanted to keep compatibility, I don't plan on adding new perks. I might make versions that will do the same for DLC, but since I haven't played Dead Money yet, and we don't have the others.....yeah.

Not much else to say, it just gives some free, already-in-game perks when you complete some already-
in-game challenges.

The challenges affected and the perks they give:
  • Artful Pocketer: Silent Running
  • A Little Critical: The Professional
  • Desert Survivalist:Lead Belly
  • Fixin' Things (edited to be 100): Jury Rigging
  • Gotta Hand Grenade It to You: Heave, Ho!
  • Healthy Glow: Computer Whiz
  • I've Got Shotgun: Shotgun Surgeon
  • I Can Kill You With One Hand: Run 'n Gun
  • I Can Stop Any Time I Want: Chem Resistant
  • Lead Dealer: Rapid Reload
  • Love The Bomb: Splash Damage
  • Low Tech Hacking: Infiltrator
  • Old Tyme Brawler: Piercing Strike
  • Stim-ply Amazing: Chemist
  • This is Hacking: Unstoppable Force
  • Up Close: Super Slam
  • Walker of the Mojave: Travel Light
  • You Run Barter Town: Pack Rat

I 'fixed' "Demise of the Machines" by removing the added line that prevents the default perk from being given properly (just made the script look like all the other 3-tier perk scripts).