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Limits games of Caravan against merchants to one game every 3 days, rather than 5 games total.

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When New Vegas first came out, Caravan was basically a way to print your own money. Buy a bunch of items from a merchant, then play Caravan until you win it all back. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Then the 1.2 Patch came out, and everyone got SCREWED. Caravan was clamped down on and then some. Now you were limited to playing the few caravan-playing merchants 5 games, total, and then you were done. And not just done for a few days, or a set period of time, but DONE FOREVER. You get 5 games and that's it. Overkill much?

Frankly, this idea didn't sit well with me. I mean Caravan games against merchants was a loophole big enough to drive a truck through, but in this case the fix is worse than the problem. There had to be some middle ground that could be found and implemented.

I believe I have found that middle ground.


This mod alters the limit on games of Caravan against merchants so that is limited by time, versus a hard set number. Specifically, this mod limits you to one game of Caravan for each time their inventory is restocked. The default time between restocking is 72 hours.

The following merchants/Caravan players are affected:

Cliff Briscoe
Johnson Nash
Quartermaster Mayes


Because this limit is time-based, it does not accrue or build up. You cannot avoid playing Caravan against a certain merchant for 2 cycles and then expect to get in 3 games at once. A better way to look at it is that every 72 hours you have once chance to play a hand of Caravan against these merchants, and at the end of those 72 hours that chance expires.

The only exception to the above is Lacey. Although she is quite possibly the unfriendliest merchant in the game, she will play 2 rounds of Caravan with you back-to-back when you FIRST meet her. Just a little bonus I threw in because it felt right.

Additionally, the 72 hour limit is taken from the game setting which controls respawn time. If that time is altered, the time limit on caravan games is altered as well. In short, if you have a mod that makes things respawn a lot quicker then you will be able to play games of Caravan against these merchants more quickly.