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Gives (living) Bright Followers better weapons, rather than limiting them to Laser Pistols.

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UPDATE: New version that is compatible with the patch. The old version was TECHNICALLY, but it also screwed up some other stuff due to FormIDs which were changed by the patch.

Bright Brotherhood Followers, the dead ones anyway, are a potential source of some pretty snazzy weapons. As early as level 8 you can loot one of their corpses and potentially find a Plasma Defender or a Recharger Pistol, both highly desirable. And yet, strangely, when you finally meet the remaining, living members of the Bright Brotherhood they're all armed with Laser Pistols. Every. Last. One.

That probably seems as dumb to me as it does to you. It's not like you typically encounter the Bright Brotherhood in a combat situation, but there's no logical reason to do this. And since I know my way around the GECK, I decided to change that.

With this mod installed, living Bright Brotherhood Followers will carry any of the same weapons you can find on the corpses of the dead ones. This consists of any of the following:

All levels
- Laser Pistol
- Plasma Pistol
- Recharger Rifle

Level 5 and up
- Laser Rifle
- Plasma Rifle

Level 8 and up
- Laser RCW
- Plasma Defender
- Recharger Pistol