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This is the texture pack that I am too lazy to ever finish.

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Since I bought NV I have been making textures for my self slowly over time to improve my own experience. I had never planned to release any of them because they were just random replacements. Some good, some mediocre. I have now made 100+ different textures for the vanilla game and for other mods that I enjoyed. I will now start gathering up textures and releasing them in small packs for different objects or areas.

The first will be replacement textures for the flagstone retaining walls found through out New Vegas. As well as edited .nifs to enable parallax maps as the Developers had apparently intended.

The second will be replacement rock textures with parallax maps. Theses were made more for my own personal preference since I didn't really like the default rock textures that much. This was originally going to be released a few months back, but I procrastinated too long and other modders made their own parallax mapped rocks mods, so I sort of lost my steam to release it. But now here they are for people who may want to try them. I went with a parallax map with a bit less depth, since it should be used as a subtle effect, or it only starts to smear the texture. The normals that are included are also much higher quality than default.

I've uploaded a new version for the Rocks Cliffs And Canyons pack with sharper diffuse maps. For people who already downloaded the original release, I've uploaded a pack with only the new textures, which are in the Optional Files section.

I've added LOD textures to match the rock textures.

I've added new sandbag textures.

The latest files are up now. They are new rubble pile textures and matching concrete/cement textures. This only covers the three main urban rubble piles, not the dirt or trash piles. The concrete and cement textures were uploaded as a separate pack so they can be used as an option.

After an extended hiatus, I have uploaded some new textures. This time around it's the sandstone canyon textures for Honest Hearts. Also included is a replacement for the horrible
limestone gravel texture (that I'm certain is a picture of someones driveway) and a slight rework of the ground texture used for the tops of cliffs.

1. Extract the files.
2. Cut and paste the folders "meshes" and "textures" into *\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data
3. These textures and meshes are replacements so you will need to either use ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated, FOMM or add the files to your ArchiveInvalidation.txt file.

1. Delete the files from the texture pack that you wish to uninstall, and remove those lines from your ArchiveInvalidation.txt file if you added them.

1.0, 3/26/2011 - Initial release.
1.2, 3/29/2011 - New textures for the "Rocks Cliffs And Canyons" pack.
1.2, 3/31/2011 - LOD textures to match RCACv1.2 pack.
1.0, 4/10/2011 - New sandbag textures.
1.0, 4/19/2011 - New "Urban Rubble Pile" textures.
1.0, 4/19/2011 - New optional concrete and cement textures.
1.0, 7/01/2011 - New sandstone textures for Honest Hearts.

You can contact me here in the comments section, or by a PM on the forums.


Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for making NV regardless of how buggy it may be.
Thanks to NewVegasNexus.com for hosting this file and all of the mods I'm enjoying.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to God for creating us all. <-Why doesn't anyone ever leave that in?

You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of
this mod.